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Digestion Sessions Notes Part 2

Second part up. I’m not sure what’s going on with the formatting. Lots of weird sizing rather than the two types I had in There is some bug in wordpress it seems and you can not easily readjust font size color or type easily either. This looks a little better than before. Still some … Continue reading

Mercury in fish overblown?

Perhaps we should be eating fish every day? I prefer the smaller type since they reproduce rapidly. Much harder to overfish a fish if it makes more fishes. But it seems that selenium in fish chelates mercury. I an two interesting articles on this today. Check out this article from Chris Kresser. The worse fish … Continue reading

70 oz of water daily?!?

70 oz of water daily?!?

I met with my GI doctor a few days ago. One thing he suggested which I haven’t really tried yet is to drink 70 oz of water daily. This isn’t the easiest thing in the world to do, since you have to remember to drink every few hours. I also have to urinate a lot … Continue reading

Ego and Self

I came across and read this today about the ego and self. It got me think about my own ego and wondering; what is my self? Where does my ego stop and self begin? Would exposing your ego cause you to not fit into society even more? I think a lot of this is influenced … Continue reading

Another reason not to eat pork?

PUFAs or Poly Unsaturated Fatty Acids are a type of fat that is common in pork, fish and nuts. The most famous one is omega 3 in salmon, however omega 6 is the other famous one. Pig is obviously unkosher however I thought it was still safe for consumption for non observant and non-Jews (goyim … Continue reading

k2 research and some info about the thyroid

I was browsing paleohack and came across a link to Free the Animal. Richard there is talking about k2 which is one interesting vitamin that is not taken often. What’s really impressive about it is that it can break down calcium deposits in arteries! It also sends the calcium back into the bones. Its mainly … Continue reading