Introduction to Correct Toes

I mentioned correct toes in last post. I have always had foot problems, hammer toes, mallet toes, curl toes, ingrown toe nails, athlete foot, limited toe splay and a toe nail fungus which seems almost untreatable. A lot of the problems are probably due to wearing too narrow of shoes, and my feet adapted/deformed to … Continue reading

A Foot Story

Recently my trusty New Balance Minimus MT10 shoes finally had to be retired. They were 3 years old and developed a large hole in the toe area which I felt while walking. They were a minimal shoe with a 4 mm heel to toe drop which isn’t terrible but a vast improvement over a typical … Continue reading

Digestion Sessions Notes Part 5

The final batch of notes. This is long but there are some things you can use to help out various problems here. The Belly Fat Effect: How to Turn Your Gut Bacteria into Fat Burning Machines with Mike Mutzel, Msc Has a book called the Belly Fat Effect. GI problems are common in the obese. Microbiome … Continue reading

Digestion Sessions Notes Part 4

The first one here is probably the best lecture in the series since it deals with Chrohns in depth. Its a shame that he doesn’t have a book on this subject alone. A Naturopathic Approach to IBS and IBD with Dr. Steven Sandberg-Lewis, ND He starts off talking about his music group and singing songs … Continue reading

Digestion Sessions Notes Part 3

Collateral Damage: How GMO Foods Wreck Your Gut and Cause Food Allergies with Jeffrey Smith GMO- genetically modified organism. You take a gene from one species and mix it with another. Sounds like Frankenstein. The big GMO foods are, soy, corn, cotton (cottonseed oil?), canola, sugar beets, alfalfa, zucchini, yellow squash, and papaya. They want … Continue reading

Digestion Sessions Notes Part 2

Second part up. I’m not sure what’s going on with the formatting. Lots of weird sizing rather than the two types I had in There is some bug in wordpress it seems and you can not easily readjust font size color or type easily either. This looks a little better than before. Still some … Continue reading

Digestion Sessions Notes Part 1

Notes on the Digestion Sessions I had to take notes on these videos since digestion seems to be the root of my problems. Maybe I can find something that will help out my pains and my family pains. At this point I think the price of 147 for all of the videos is kind of … Continue reading

Crazy Salmon

Crazy Salmon

This is a recipe for salmon that I have come across from simply experimenting with different spices combinations. I may be breaking some rules, but it tastes good to me and my family. However the picture I have our from a version of this where the fish was stale. The fish looked fresh, but tastes … Continue reading

My body fat loss so far

It is not impossible to have a huge transformation in short times on Primal diet. I did not have as drastic as transformation. I read a fair amount of testimonials of guys losing a lot of weight in a few months. Here is one example, where a guy loses 60 lbs in 6 months. They go … Continue reading

Light therapy for depression

Light therapy for depression

I came across the idea of light therapy several years ago, but did not pay much attention to it until recently. The idea of light therapy is that you use a very powerful light in the morning to wake up. This is similar to how if you lived outside you would be woken up by … Continue reading