70 oz of water daily?!?

I met with my GI doctor a few days ago. One thing he suggested which I haven’t really tried yet is to drink 70 oz of water daily. This isn’t the easiest thing in the world to do, since you have to remember to drink every few hours. I also have to urinate a lot more as well. I think the increased drinking also causes peristalsis of the intestines. That is when the muscles contract to push bolus (digest food) down the digestive track. This usually occurs after you eat and why you get the urge to go soon after you eat. I’d normally be against this amount of water if I didn’t have a redundant colon, since you tend to get a lot of water from your food as well. I have an extra long colon so it needs more water than usual to work normally. The colon’s job is to both allow bacteria to digest fibers and extract water from the bolus.

To avoid diluting my sodium levels too much I will add some salt to dishes to compensate for the extra water. I am also trying to get a sweat going daily to help with cultivating a thirst. So daily kettlebell swings too.


One thought on “70 oz of water daily?!?

Any suggestions, comments or critiques?

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