Introduction to Correct Toes

I mentioned correct toes in last post. I have always had foot problems, hammer toes, mallet toes, curl toes, ingrown toe nails, athlete foot, limited toe splay and a toe nail fungus which seems almost untreatable. A lot of the problems are probably due to wearing too narrow of shoes, and my feet adapted/deformed to fit in them. A healthy foot is widest at the toes not at the ball of the foot like most shoes suggest. Here are my feet. The picture is for a starting point.


I never liked running and I walk like a duck which might be called overpronation. Traditional treatments for hammer toes involve cutting the tendon which I did have done but it simply returned to the original place. Traditional treatments for feet are to use $400 dollar orthotics which immobilize the feet. These relieve some pain but never strengthen the feet. I learned I didn’t need orthotics when I wore the New Balance Minimus in the past, so I’m open to alternative methods of treatment. Correct toes work that by  straightening out toes via downward pressure and splaying. Braces for toes is a good way of describing the concept. I believe you can get the same effect if you were Vibram Five Fingers for years but they never fit my little toe. I did not wear the Vibram everyday though so I never saw that improvement. My goal is to straighten out my toes, widen my toes out a bit so they don’t touch as much and increase my splaying ability. Check out more details here at

correct toes

Correct toes retail about 65 bucks and they may last up to 2 years if taken care of well. Orthotics I have had last 4-5 years if made by a podiatrist. Store bought one last about 6 months for me.

My first attempt with correct toes resulted in a large bruise forming on my little toe where it was pushed out too much. I tried wearing it for two days 30 minutes the first day, 1 hour the second day to get a nasty bruise on my little toe. I than modified the correct toe by trimming off some of the little toe area spacer as suggested in a the modification video. It help a bit, but it took some time before my toes healed up. I gradually worked up to 2 hours of wear time and got some bruising again. I recently trimmed it again but I don’t want to wear it until the toes heals and the bottom of the foot is healed. Its not currently healed enough so I will wait another week before starting. I think this latest one made it worse since it push further down on the toe and separates the little toe still to much. I want to try another modification where you remove the area the pushes out the little toe at all. Hopefully i will be able to wear them all day at some point without bruises.correctoes

You also need to wear larger shoes toebox shoes eventually. A normal shoe will push on the splayed out toes and it will be counterproductive in fixing out of alignment toes. I have some shoes but I need to gradually increase my time wearing them to avoid over use injury which I have sustained by being an idiot about it.

The goal is to align my toes with the metatarsal bone which is what an ideal foot looks like. It might not happen if I can’t wear them all day though. Some people even sleep in them!  Although worse case scenario and I can’t wear them I may get a slight improvement in width just wearing larger toe boxes shoes with toe socks for years. My feet have gotten smaller size wise but wider since wearing minimal shoes. My arch is much stronger than it original was as well. Also to treat toe nail fungus I am going to use toe socks and am seeing a podiatrist about it.

In future posts I will show picture of correct toes on, my current splay limit, modifications which probably will happen, and eventually toe socks. Toes socks have a learning curve as well since they feel different.


Any suggestions, comments or critiques?

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