Digestion Sessions Notes Part 4

The first one here is probably the best lecture in the series since it deals with Chrohns in depth. Its a shame that he doesn’t have a book on this subject alone.

A Naturopathic Approach to IBS and IBD with Dr. Steven Sandberg-Lewis, ND

He starts off talking about his music group and singing songs about pathologies. Not wild about this part. I’m glad I purchased the transcripts since I have no idea how to normally spell these words.

IBD is Chrohns and Ulcertive Colitis. Its picked up by colonoscopies with biopsies.

The difference between UC and Chrohns. Chrohn’s thickens the bowel walls and makes the area smaller for food travel and cause cause worsening constipation. UC generally has diarrhea with blood and tissue.

There are bloodtests that can determine what you have by antibodies present. The in Chrohns is anti saccharomyces cerevisiae, and UC has p-ANCA which is white blood cell related.

Its poorly understood by traditional medicine on who you get it. But I’m not sure if its well understand by alternative either.

He mentions luminal factors which is what is happening in the guts. Commensal floral is friendly gut bacteria.

He mentions that a initial virus or pathogen may trigger the body to exaggerate attack itself with T1 lymphocytes. This part gets pretty technical and over my head though. These are white blood cells.

There is an emotional factor which is if you repress your emotion and have very strong emotions like myself and this increases cortisol and DHEA imbalances. I wonder if this is the core cause of my Chrohns? I got an infection which triggered the response.

Check if there are parasites, abnormal fungal or bacteria overgrowth.

Overgrowth of Clostridium Difficile is a normal bacteria, but overgrowth produces toxins which can trigger identical symptoms of UC. Immune treatments which are standard fail to target this.

Chrohns is associated with SIBO so the breath test helps with that due to location.

Calprotectin is since its a neutrophils which I guess is related to white blood cells. 250 is IBD, 50 is IBS. I guess I have 250.

There is a blood cell test which measures the lobe of a certain white blood cell which has lobes. The more lobes the more likely you are to have folic acid deficiency. This can cause colon cancer, so supplementing can reduce the risk 86%! This is more fore UC, but Chrohns has an increased risk as well. I may have to look into what foods folic acid is in. The risk is for 15 years even in remission.

The medicines that often use in IBD are masalamine and sulfasalzine drugs which can cause folic acid

Take folate the 5-methyletrahydrofolate version of supplement if you go that way. The active MTHF version.

You can have IBS and IBD at the same time! It makes treatment difficult.

Surgery is considered the only cure for IBD in conventional medicine.

Rifaxim is used after the breath test to reduce the bacteria from SIBO, but its not the greatest treatment.

He does tapping which I’m not sure what that is for emotional freedom.

http://www.ETFuniverse.com has more details.

If your family yells a lot and very stressed that can be important in learned responses. It turns on fight or flight responses which turns off digestion.

ETF changes your way your brain processes an emotion, rather than using the basic amygdala which is more fear based never forget memories. It uses the frontal and temporal lobes which are more contextual.

EMDR or eye movement desensitization and reprocessing, using the eye movement to clear emotions.

Likes the SCD diet since it reduces the type of sugars which don’t feed bacteria like inulin.

In Oregon and Arizona naturopathic doctor can prescribe medications.

He likes low dose naltrexone which is not an immuno-suppressive drug. Prednisone for acute flare ups. Naltrexone makes more endorphins by blocking them at night. You can not taken with opiate painkillers.

Uses turmeric, curcumin and boswellia (frankincense). Decrease inflammation, modulate immune and system overactivity.

With Chrohns you need 3500 mg turmeric daily, but its hard to eat that much.

They go into fecal transplants which sound promising but a bit too gross for me. If I was really bad I would do it. You can’t do it in the US legally. There are 400-500 species compared to probiotics which are 30 at most.

Has a book called Functional Gastroenterology: Assessing and Addressing the Causes of Functional GI Disorders. Doesn’t talk about IBD so I probably won’t check it out at this time since that’s my problem. Maybe in the future though.

You can get it at NCNM.edu/bookstore

His website is SIBOcenter with Alison Siebecker who presented earlier.

The Gut-Brain Axis: How to Train your Brain for Better Bowel Movements with Dr. Datis Kharrazian, DHSc, DC, MneuroSc

Has a book called Why Isn’t My Brain Working? I want to check that out.

Brain diseases often start in gut. And often caused by motility issues, or how food moves through the gut.

Sounds like brain causes the motility in the gut. Slow movement leads to overgrowth. I probably have a bad signal. I have always been slow.

Won’t fix gut problems with supplements. It helps but won’t solve the underlying issue. Have to develop plasticity.

Migrating motor complex neurons in gut that cause contraction.

Has you gargle water which fires pallet muscles at a very strong level to tearing. Several times to a dozen day.

Sometimes you push on tongue with a tongue blade to trigger the gag reflex. You should tear.

He also does this with coffee enema where you hold in the urge to go for as long as possible. I doubt I will try this since you do it once a day and I don’t think enemas are healthy that frequently.

If you sing loudly activates vagal muscles as well. These four methods active the neurons there which need to be worked out constantly.

SIBO usually is caused by the brain not working quite right with the motility. Probably the vagus nerve not activating.

The use prokenetic meds to get motility along with antibiotics that don’t get absorbed. However it has a high level of failure.

Neuro degenerative diseases almost always affect the gut.

If you had to supplement he recommends Huperzine and galantamine to increase the sensitivity of the vagal nerve. The dosage is based on bodyweight. Galanatamine is hard to fine due to FDA issues with its classification.

Leaky gut is called intestinal permeability in literature.

Zonulin opens up intestinal cells. Not clear what is or how it works. He throws out a lot of scientific terms and doesn’t always define what they are well.

IBS can cause white matter lesions which I believe are damage to the myelin sheath around nerves. That’s a layer of fat around the nerves which if I remember correctly insulates the nerves.

Likes to use Cyrex Labs Array#2 to know what type of leaky gut you have. There are two types, one is due to inflammation. Not sure how the other works.

GABA should not be able to get through blood brain barrier unless there is damage there. Its huge so if you its helping you have a problem with the barrier. He does this test 1000 mg, where either you got hyper or relaxed. Don’t take it afterward since it will sensitize the receptors in the brain.

Resveratol, tumeric and luteolin which shut off glial cells. They don’t shut off on their own and they cause inflammation in brain.

Uses cyrex test array #5 for autoimmunity. Does for antibodies for major tissues, like stomach, intestine and more. Its called a predictive antibody test.

Gluten can bind to synapsin which is a protein in all of your neurons. So if your antibodies for gluten it can attack the brain if its binds to the synapsin.

Has a book coming out called Gluten, Leaky Gut and Autoimmunity.

WGA or wheat germ agglutinin is highest in sprouted wheat. The antibodies to WGA can also bind to neurons and limit nerve growth factor release (not sure what that is).

The test for this is Cyrex Array 3 which tests WGA and gluten reactions.

Some researchers are now saying that gluten really is a brain impact issue more than a gut disorder.

Says there is some problem with paleo diet in terms of with antibodies but doesn’t give out what to eat. Something more specific per person I assume based on antibody tests.

His website is http://www.brainhealthbook.com

What Causes GERD, Constipation, and Reflux… Natural Remedies that Work! With Keri Brooks, FDN

Constipation and heart burn are often signs of an underlying problem.

Fiber and laxatives do not address underlying issue.

Goes over acid reflux again. Some new info is regarding silent symptoms (strange term if you notice it) such as horse throat when woken up, constantly clearing throat, difficulty swallowing (I have this occasionally), and soar throat.

LES is a valve between the esophagus and stomach which supposed to stay closed all of the time unless swallowing. It opens when you burp too.

Heartburn is the acid splashing in the non protected esophagus. Stomach is designed for acid.

Acid Reflux is the process, heart burn is the symptom. GERD is the severe form of acid reflux it happens more frequently and intensely.

Suppressing acid in stomach masks symptoms but causes non digestion of food.

Acid is low due to chronic stress, aging, h pylori destroys the stomach acids producing cells, and Proton pump inhibitors. It creates inter abdominal pressure which forces the ELS flap open. This called due to undigested food in the upper small intestine rotting faster than it should, mainly due to not being broken down by the acid as much. Pregnancy and ab fat weight can do it as well.

Tums and rolaid reduce acid so are a no go as well.

Pizza, crackers, pastries, whole grains and fruit can make the pressure worse. Processed food is the worse category. 

Claims b12 is broken down in stomach rather than ilium. Not sure about this claim.

Minerals are broken down by stomach acid.

Do not ignore problem of GERD. Do not take antacid or proton pump inhibitor.

Acid food, coffee, chocolate, fatty (not giving that up) can relax LES flap.

Gluten, dairy, alcohol, coffee (can’t get this up due to work) and sugar feed the bad bacteria which raises the stomach pressure. Suggest removing for 30 days.

Eat only about 3-6 oz meats for easier breakdown. Usually due to not having enough acid to break it down. HCL supplement seem to help me handle 8 oz fine.

Mindful eating is where you focus more chewing 20 to 30 times. I’m fast eater so this could be tricky. Try not to drink much with meals to dilute acid. Breathe slowly before eating as well.

Enzymes should be 30 minutes before meal or 90 minutes after.

At least 4-6 oz for 1 HCL pill. If you have burning sensation don’t add more. If no add more until burning.

Glutamine helps with gut line and sugar cravings. Start slowly 1/8 a tsp or ¼ pill.

Strain to expel large bulky stools or less one BM a day is constipated.

Fiber intact makes it worse for chronic constipation since it makes stools larger.

Same dietary recommendation for gerd works for constipation. Check thyroid out if its slow. Low serotonin levels can make motility (probably have that).

Average transit is 12-18 hours in gut. I thought it was 24 hours. Not sure the amount your supposed to do as well.

Natural remedies, probiotics and digestive enzymes. 8 oz of water with ½ to whole lemon. Fat works but not for me.

Fresh carrot juice with cod liver oil. Chia seeds helps, about 2 tablespoons in a glass water overnight.

Stay on HCL for 3 month or 6 months, than see if you can wean off. Sea salt helps with building the acids up.

Likes magnesium glycnate and epsom salt baths for 20 minutes.

Vitamin C 2500 mg to flush everything out. 500 mg later if no response.

Has a website www.keribrooks.com

Like genova diagnostics stool test.

Likes biohealth diagnostic 401h test.

The Stress Cycle: A Mind-Body Approach to Reseting (sic?) Your Digestive Rhythm with Dr. Alan Christianson, NMD

www.integrativehealthcare.com is his website

Suggests that oldest part of the body is the digestive track evolution wise.

There are stresses like circadian and environmental inputs as well which can effect digestion.

Chrohns has diffuse even inflammation. This is not accurate.( It can attack any part of the digestive track according to the multiple GI doctors I have been to.) UC is patchy according to him. I’m pretty sure its the other way around. They are inflammatory bowel diseases. Stress makes them worse.

Functional bowel diseases are IBS which seem to be caused by stress by him.

Two different types of nervous response fight/flight and digestion/repair. Says they switch between the two every 90 minutes. But most people with stress problems are more in the fight or flight state. This leads to more likely to get leaky gut.

Some bacteria can shift hormones. He names them but they were complicated latin names and you can supplement them yet, if that’s a good idea.

Times you sleep and eat are very important. Breakfast about 1 hour of waking.

Morning light triggers cortisol cycle as well which wakes you up.

Night should be when cortisol shuts down and its best to actually go to bed earlier. Its the most restorative sleep time. Not sure if I can go to bed at 6 or 7 pm.

Shift workers is worse than night workers since its not consistent.

Visceral fat around organs can make cortisol production worse. It makes cortizon hormone into cortisol which I guess makes the flight or fight response more intense. And you can’t lose weight as well and more likely to gain weight even at the same calorie level.

Likes elimination diets to figure out allergies. Allergies are a stressor. However if you remove a food even if a compatible, than add them back you might not be able to tolerate them for awhile.

Like USbiotech for lab tests.

Resistant fiber/starch helps lower blood sugar. It feeds bifofactor bacteria in the colon. Boiled potatoes at low temperature than refrigerated for 6 hours. Green bananas and plantains are next. Will have almost no glycemic response due to the resistant starch. Due it gradually to avoid pain from gut flora changes.

Alternate nostril breathing can help, but my one nostril is generally plugged. The technique you close one nostril and breathe through it, and hold breath. Than exhale in out the other nostril. Count each step at about 2 seconds. Do this about 3 minutes total, best after 90 minutes waking. Causes less cramping and bloating.

When stressed heavily, breathe heavily from diaphragm for a minute. Push the stomach out and than pull stomach in to spine.

Progressive muscle relaxation at night is good thing to do. Turn down temperature, dark room, progressive tight muscles like feet at first and hold breath. Than relax and breathe out. Work your way up the body.

Has a new book coming out December. The Adrenal Reset Diet coming out 12/30/14.

Works with patients one time you visit him, than rest of year skype. But is in Arizona which is too far for me.


Any suggestions, comments or critiques?

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