Digestion Sessions Notes Part 5

The final batch of notes. This is long but there are some things you can use to help out various problems here.

The Belly Fat Effect: How to Turn Your Gut Bacteria into Fat Burning Machines with Mike Mutzel, Msc

Has a book called the Belly Fat Effect.

GI problems are common in the obese.

Microbiome is a “forgotten organ” has metabolic activity as an liver. Compromised of 100 trillion bacteria, fungus and viruses. They produce short chain fatty acids which can cause problems I guess if they are not balanced. The type of food is important.

Bariatric surgery does not cause just nutrient restriction, but release of gut hormones. Diabetes is reversed as well 12 hours after surgery. Doesn’t recommend getting it though. It also changes composition of bacteria in gut.

Mentions gram negative bacteria, ecoli, cholera and more belong to this category. In its cell surface a protein and fat structure called endotoxin. And like its name its pro-inflammatory. Everybody has about 5 grams of this type of bacteria.

Insulin resistance in terms of evolutionary reasons makes your body raise blood sugar so immune cells can release more cytokines fight infections in a healthy body. This helped with fighting live threatening diseases like diphtheria and more. The immune system in this case loves the extra sugar.

Low grade inflammation triggers a constant sugar craving.

Leptin is like gas gauge on a car and is created from fat tissue. Too much fat causes too much leptin. So it makes you resistant to it and you can’t sense that your full. Your chronically hunger from the excessive Leptin which the body becomes resistant too.

Leptin is also a hormone-slash-immune stimulating molecule as well. It down regulates T-regulatory cells which down regulates inflammation.

If your stressed out don’t eat because your vagal nerve is not activated. Your motility will be severely affected. It also reduces inflammation when activated. Do not inhale food, chew slowly, deep breathing, meditation, yoga and being grateful help bring you into the proper relaxed state.

Eat colorful foods which tend to be anti-inflammatory. Antibiotics, C-section births and given formulas instead of breast milk effect your bacterial levels as well.

Short-chain fatty acids seem to be bad, but I thought that’s what coconut oil was!

Foods he recommends are blueberries, raspberries, green tea, curcumin, resveratol, red wine, broccoli. Also rosemary, garlic, ginger, turmeric, onions and more help foster these healthy bacteria. These are called bacteroidetes.

White foods tend to be bad which is the majority of the America diet which are called firmicutes.

Pea and whey protein release incretin proteins help reduce food craving, balance blood sugar and burn fat.

Likes inulin in chicory, artichoke, leeks and various color rich foods which feed bacteria. I probably have SIBO so have to avoid this until that is fixed.

Sucralose and Splenda effect gut hormones. It causes mild insulin resistance. Sweet things tend cause deleterous effects on body, but recommends honey for sweet tooth after working out.

Low calorie diets effects blood sugar levels and food cravings for about year. You can eat as much real food as you want. You can not really over eat these type foods since they are satiating. Granted its better to eat a lot more when doing very active things like Crossfit and eat less when lounging around. Be in tune with the body on what your doing.

Need to eat meat that is grilled with garlic, dills, onions, rosemary and curcumin to offset endotoxins. It reduces leaky gut as well. Orange juice helps is well which is great since the fresh squeezed at Trader Joes is heavenly.

Goes into the digestive process again so I won’t repeat it.

Bile is important for thyroid health besides breaking down fats. If you suppress stomach acid it affects bile production and can create hypothyroid like symptoms. It somehow effects conversion of inactive T4 into active T3 thyroid hormone.

Ibuprofen a NSAID can cause intestinal impermeability. Curcumin works really well for pain in high doses.

Don’t take antibiotics the first 6 months of life. Take probiotics instead. Steptococcus thermophillus is great for that. Antibiotics are a last resort.

Saccharomyces boulardii along with antiobiotics, prevents antibiotic from destroying all gut flora. Take a probiotic 6 hours after antibiotic.

Mentions heart math which doesn’t make any sense to me. There is a device for it which measures beats/pulse and your supposed to measure it 5 minutes 3 times a day. Sounds woo to me.

Supposedly GI tract is most active between 10 am to 4 pm so eat the biggest meal of the day in the middle of the day at lunch.

Don’t snack if you want to lose weight.

You want to sleep at the same time every night. Even on weekends when you want to go out.

Has a website called http://www.mikemutzel.com

Solving Diarrhea: A Step-By-Step Plan for Taking Back Your Life with Dr. Michael Ruscio, DC

www.drrusio.com is his website.

Trained under Dr. Khalish had a parasite that was only solved from functional medicine.

Treating diarrhea start with diet, than probiotics/prebiotics and stomach acids, than bacterial problems after that. IBD can do it also. Tumor is the worse case scenario which are quite rare and harder to treat.

Likes to do autoimmune paleo diet for 30 days, where your cut gluten, dairy, all grains, soy, eggs, nuts, seeds, nightshade vegetables, processed foods and excessive carbs and sugar.

Sometimes does a liquid fast for 3 to 4 days. Modeled on master cleanse, lemon juice, cayenne and maple sugar. Another version is broth based for 3-4 days.

BRAT diet which is Banana, Rice, Apple sauce and Toast (gluten-free). Doesn’t use but its the most used version.

Their is a cookbook called the Autoimmune Paleo Cookbook which is what he recommends for doing this 30 day diet.

After 30 days slowly add back foods based on the groups listed before. Don’t introduce all types at once so you can find the problem one.

If diet doesn’t work try acids, enzymes and probiotics. Likes bifidobacterium infantis probiotic best. Doesn’t like lactobicilious plantorum.

Klaire Labs Senior Formula which has a high dose of bifidobacterium infantis. He also mentions Ther-Biotic Ther-Biotic Complete which is similar to the well studied VSL-3. VSL-3 is too high dose and the other allows better titrate to find your level. He also mentions Prescript Assist which I currently take.

Prescript Assist is dirt based which most people don’t play in much any more. That soil is great for immune system, especially if see farm children who play in the dirt a lot.

Titrating is how you find your dosage. If your sensitive like me slowly add more probiotics.

Doesn’t recommend fermented foods when have diarrhea. The probiotics are easier to control.

Likes an HCL supplement with enzymes called Digest Zymes which has HCL, pancreatic enzymes and bile. You take it with food. You take it until symptoms are resolved, after a few months slowly go off it.

He thinks most supplements you shouldn’t use long term.

With HCL dosages you add one pill per day until you get a warm feeling in your stomach. At that point go down a pill. That’s your ideal dose. He maxes at 4 caps even if you don’t get the warmth in the stomach. More than that you risk a small intestine ulcer.

If this doesn’t work check to see if there is an infection. He likes to all of this before this stage since you might end up paying for $2,000 for testing since insurance might not cover.

First thing he test for SIBO. Bacteria from the colon ends up in small intestines and its not supposed to be there in huge amounts.

Mentions the breath test again with lactulose. If the fermentation occurs before 120 minutes than you have SIBO. The best test is jejunal tissue but its very invasive, since its hard to get to.

Lactulose test should test for methane and hydrogen. He likes the National College of Naturopathic Medicine – Siebecker Center test.

If hydrogen is elevated above 20 parts per million before 120 minutes that’s hydrogen positive. This is correlated with diarrhea.

Methane is harder since you can have problems at 4 to 6 but the standard is 10 to 12 parts per million.

Stool test does not show since its a large distance from small intestine to large intestine.

The way he treats SIBO is herbal antibiotics, probiotics and diet. He treats for 2 months herbal antimicrobials or the antibiotics, and HCL and enzymes. He also uses a prokinetic agent to get things moving.

You go off prokinetics after 3 months. He likes low FODMAPS diets during this phase as well.

He like an herbal blend called GI Microb-X combined with oil of oregano. Uses this for a month. Second month OrthoFlora Yeast Support and ParaBotanic Select.

Prokenetics make things move which prevents overgrowth of foods which ferment in the wrong part of the intestine. He likes Motil-Pro which has acetyl-carnitine in it which is good for the nerves.

Bile digest fat and is absorbed in the illium where my Chrohn’s is. The bacteria can force the bile not to digest fats which can trigger diarrhea.

Without a gall bladder your liver still makes bile which can be too much. So you might not want to supplement it.

Chrohn’s disease damage illium. Bile sequestrant may be great for that if you have the diarrhea. The ones he recommend are guggul, propolis, and boswellia. They soak up excess bile and if they work for the Chrohn’s it means there is too much bile not being absorbed. You take it an hour before or 2 hours after every meal.

Lower GI infections can trigger diarrhea as well. Infections like salmonella, shigella, campylobacter are bacteria that can do it. Protozoa like cryptosporidium, blastocystis and entamoeba histolytica can do it as well. He recommends a doctor figure this out. Those names were hard to spell even looking at the transcript!

He uses conventional labs like LabCorp and Quest which are covered by insurance. A very comprehensive stool test which the doctor would figure out.

Sometime he uses two labs so you only pay for one which might be 300 bucks. Can’t recommend the specific coding though.

One herbal medicine artemisia or wormwood has a side benefit rather than side effect. It kills protozoa like blasto and can induce remissions in inflammatory bowel disease.

Some people are on HCL for the rest of their life but other things can help out if your off it.

Likes digestive bitters which stimulate stomach acid also called gentain.

Treat h pylori so you don’t lose the ability to make hcl.

Mutaflor was an e.coli 1917 type of probiotic which helped with IBD. Of course its not available stateside anymore.

Now he’s getting into worm therapy for IBD, yuck! Helminithic Therapy Only do that if its severe IBD.

Also briefly mentions fecal transplants which isn’t legal stateside either.

Mentions low dose naltrexone again.

Hyperthyroid or taking too much thyroid can cause diarrhea.

He does do skype consultations as well.

The Gut-Mood Connection: How Digestive Problems Cause Depression and Anxiety with Dr. Shawn Soszka, Nd

Mood disorders are often due to digestion.

The mood while eating can affect your digestion as well. You might chew to quickly and not fully chew the food so its not being broken down. Also you don’t get a sense that your full either.

He doesn’t want you drink water while you eat. Not sure about dry foods or almond based foods since they are hard to swallow otherwise.

Eating too many carbohydrates supposedly stops the valve on the stomach well. Never heard this claim so I am skeptical of it. He’s referring to grains, sugary foods and soda.

H. pylori neutralizes stomach acids.

Switching diets from vegan to high protein is tough since your not making the enzyme for protein digestion. So you use HCL and bitters, Apple cider vinegar to help break down the proteins.

Inflammation in the brain doesn’t hurt but effects mood. It may be due to leaky gut which somehow leads to leaky brain.

He mentions cytokine method of depression. Inflammation of brain causes over usage of serotonin and of course this uses it up quickly.

Aloe Vera and L-glutamine are great for healing gut when you do an elimination diet.

Can get parasites from salad bar.

Bacteria can create bio film which is an antibiotic impervious structure so you might have to use colostrum to break it up.

Candida toxins can trigger depression and anxiety.

90% of serotonin is in gut. The main job is peristalsis or the movement. Maybe I should take more tryptophan or 5-htp for the digestion?

High blood sugar can affect blood brain barrier.

Take magnesium before sleeping to help with insomnia.

Constipation may be due to not getting enough fibers for the bacteria to eat. This sounds like the conventional wisdom on it though.

Fats are important especially omega 3. It helps with depression and inflammation. Animal based is best since it requires less nutrients to make it absorbed. You need more 3 than 6.

Vitamin B3 or niacin, helps with psychosis.

He mentions D and selenium deficiencies but does not go into details about them. You don’t need much selenium though just enough like 2-3 brazil nuts a day is what I read before.

http://www.Blueskyportland.com and www.drsoszka.com are his websites.

How to Identify and Heal Digestive Problems in Children with Dr. Liz Lipski

The only video that is shot via video conferencing.

She has a book called Digestive Wellness. And Digestive Wellness for Children.

1 in 88 five year old’s have autism. 10% depressed kids and 30% ADHD.

Epigenics is how the environment effects genes. This than effects the grandchildren as well. So playing with mercury for example may affect grandchildren.

Preconception planning where you make sure your diet is on point I assume so the kids turn out alright.

Stunted growth, food sensitivities, ADHD, autism, depression and more may be due to poor digestion when growing up.

Little kids will drape themselves over furniture or rub their stomachs. If their cheeks flush after eating might be a bad sign as well.

2/3 of immune system is along the digestive track.

Most SAD foods are inflammatory which kids seem to like for some reason…

Picky eaters may be a sign of digestive problems.

Kids often don’t like taste or texture of foods. So if puree or make something a pudding consistency may make some foods edible for them.

To get them to eat asparagus just put a small amount on the plate consistently to eventually eat it. Some times you start at rubbing on your mouth and have them do the same. Take a bite but not swallow it.

ADHD kids might have opioid reactions to gluten or dairy products. They get withdrawn and low functioning. They want to keep eating these food since they get a slight high from eating it.

Not chewing foods slows down digestion. Watch food kids that gulp and tell them to chew more.

Roundup in corn or soy can open up cells in gut lining which allows leaky gut.

Cause for stomach pains for kids, could be dairy products, especially if Jewish. Tend to be a lot of lactose intolerance in the community. SIBO could be a common cause for it as well. Lack of magnesium could be another issue.

Aspirin and soft drinks aren’t great for leaky gut.

Antibiotics during labor given to women isn’t the greatest things in the world. It disrupts the babies microbiome in the beginning.

The short ear tube size tends to cause ear infections, however the antibiotics given at the stage causes problems later on in life. Not sure how you stop the ear infections without antibiotics. Uses garlic oil and mulling oil? It sounds like its put in the ear. Homeopathic may work as well. Dairy may be a cause the majority of ear infection. Probiotics may be way to fix ear infections as well.

She mentions putting the vaginal fluid in the babies eyes for bacteria transfer, which to me sounds very bizarre.

Put a pinch of lactobacillus on thumb and the baby sucks on it.

Natrim lifestart is a baby based probiotic.

5 R gut protocol

I think this was mentioned in an earlier talk. She adds an R.

1 R- remove problematic foods. Like Dairy, Gluten, pesticide and heavy metals.

2 R- repopulate bacteria with probiotics. Poi, sauerkraut, kimchi (not spicey) in small amounts is great.

3 R- repair with glutamine, colostrum, vitamin A, quercitin, slippery elm, ginger, mallow, and larch. Digestive enzymes which are powdered mixed in foods or fluids. Bitters for acid production.

4 R- replace with anti-inflammatory foods.

5 R- renew to what is the normal. And renew self-esteem, which I guess this is a mental element.

She mentions a DIG IN approach to find the underlying issue. D is for digest and absorb, by chewing and using enzymes if you need them. I is for increased intestinal permeability like leaky gut. G is for gut microbiome in reference to dysbiosis. I is for inflammation and immune system problems. And N is for nervous system especially the enteric nervous system.

To get a kid to stick with program, everybody in the family has to do it. Outside of the house is hard to monitor.

You have to show them the relationship between eating bad food and the good food. So have them eat good food 6 days a week, than on the last let them eat what they want. This should hammer it in.

Teaches at a graduate program in Maryland University of Integrative Health. The website is http://www.MUIH.edu


Any suggestions, comments or critiques?

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