Mercury in fish overblown?

Perhaps we should be eating fish every day? I prefer the smaller type since they reproduce rapidly. Much harder to overfish a fish if it makes more fishes. But it seems that selenium in fish chelates mercury. I an two interesting articles on this today.

Check out this article from Chris Kresser.
The worse fish for mercury are the shark’s which are not kosher. Tuna seems pretty good due to the amount of selenium.
Also remember selenium helps absorb iodine safely and form thyroid hormones.

As for me my two favorite types of sardines are King Oscar brand in Olive Oil. And I have to love this picture. Great taste, bones are super tiny so no trouble eating them. Goes great with spicey mustard


Seasons Smoked Sardines in Olive Oil and Brunswick Olive Oil are also great sardines I like. Different sizes too. Brunswick and Seasons are larger fish.






Any suggestions, comments or critiques?

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