Digestion Sessions Notes Part 2

Second part up. I’m not sure what’s going on with the formatting. Lots of weird sizing rather than the two types I had in openoffice.org There is some bug in wordpress it seems and you can not easily readjust font size color or type easily either. This looks a little better than before. Still some color issues.

The Dark Side of Gluten: New Perspectives on Celiac Disease and Gluten Sensitivity with Sayer Li

His websites is greenmedinfo.com. He is an independent researcher.

10,000 studies on gluten. 300 diseases are linked to gluten consumption. There are links to schizophrenia, IBS and cardiovascular disease.

Gluten means glue.

Hybridization techniques allowed a higher gluten levels.

Celiac damage flattens cell walls of gut. It becomes flat and does not absorb food well.

Gluten sensitivity doesn’t require a genetic marker. I might have heard this wrong though.

Claims wheat is a toxic food, and the reaction itself is expected.

Wheat is intrinsically unhealthy from his research.

Gliadin is another protein in wheat, I might have to look into. One study showed that everybody has an adverse effect to this protein.

There is a blood test for it.

Their is a Cyrex lab test which sounds comprehensive.

There is a peptide in that is like morphine. I think I covered this before in an previous post. Its why wheat is addictive.

Lectin is an anti nutrient. A type of plant offense.

Glucosamine actually binds to lectin, rather than help the joints directly, so that’s it reduces inflammation in joints.

Rice, potatoes have lectins which could be problematic.

Lectins act like virus and are smaller than cells.

Quinoa, amaranth and buckwheat are better than rice. But still have lectins. I doubt I will give up rice for that though. Unless further research suggest otherwise. Love the taste of it.

Sprouted wheat still has lectins and is pro-inflammatory.

What happens in gut effects mood and perception.

There are studies about full remission from schizophrenia with gluten removal from 60 years ago. Would be interesting to see the studies, yet I don’t think I could understand them personally.

LSD was created from a fungus that grew on Rye. Maybe due to the opioids in it reacting to fungus?

Likes squash, kale. Doesn’t like nightshades (my favorite vegetable group).

Casein is like gluten since its glue like. Fermentation reduces it a lot.

Coffee, coconut oil are great for gluten withdrawal.

Has a pdf called Dark Side of Wheat which is free.

The Evolutionary Mismatch: Psychotropic Drugs, Preconception, And Probiotics with Dr. Kelly Brogan, MD

Medically trained psychiatrist does not use medicines. Works with pregnant women a lot.

Have to tailor lifestyle modifications for the patient. Basic holistic stuff. Diet change is first thing she works in 30 days. She reversed her own Hashimotos similarly.

Depression is usually blamed on serotonin deficiency. Or its called a chemical imbalance.

Serotonin, norepinephrine and dopamine are the neurotransmitters are most focused on although their might be 100s.

No clinical difference between antidepressants and placebo. Perhaps the placebo affect is due to what you expect it to happen. Most studies are sponsored from pharmacies.

Long term treatments make it worse for you if you ever go off than if you never started.

Depression is #1 cause of disability.

Ctyokine theory of depression, where depression is an inflammatory type of condition. Might have been a sickness adaptation as well to prevent sickness spreading.

Anti-inflammation medicines can help.

Inflammatory markers like C-reaction protein can be a good indication of depression.

A cytokine is an inflammatory messenger.

Ginseng can help and butyrate with brain inflammation.

Are behavior is influenced by the health of the gut.

Bacteria may affect stress response.

Cortisol is released to calm inflammation until the brain tells it to stop from too much cortisol. This can be called adrenal fatigue.

Wombs are not sterile and that’s normal. Lots of bacteria.

Advocates for home births. Not wild about antibiotics during birth. Likes midwifes for problems.

Don’t know much about probiotics yet in science. I’m not sure about this.

Starts with paleo diet for a month, than adds non grain carbs.

There is a stool test for bacteria levels, parasites, and fat digestion.

Tends to combine probiotics. Saccharomyces boulardii helps cell line.

Probiotics may affect T-regulatory cells even while dead.

B12 is often below minimum. It effects mental health. Can be hard to digest if eating if gut is not absorbing it.

Aloe and glucosamine helps gut lining.

Wants you to mediate at least 5 minutes a day.

www.Kellybroganmd.com Likes to blog a lot about women’s healthy, psychiatry a nd more.

How to Kick Candida For Good with Christa Orecchio, CHN

Candida cleansing has become a fad.

Candida is a pathogenic yeast, very opportunistic. Weak immune system allows it to come in.

Its always there but when its overgrown it become pathogenic. It makes the spleen overwork to clear out the waste.

Antibiotics allow the candida to to flourish. Full spectrum are the worse since they knock out everything. And supposedly they attack the gut mucus lining that wraps on pathogenic bacteria.

Too much caffeine and alcohol attack the lining as well.

C-sections affect the baby and mother in terms of being at higher risk for candida overgrowth.

BC pills kill gut flora over time.

Main symptoms are, intense sugar cravings, mental fogginess (it effects thyroid t4 conversion t3), chronic constipation, chronic sinus infections, nail fungus, skin problems, depression, anxiety.

Decrease cancer risk by 75%.

Otto Warberg, 1930 noble prize winner on the cancer feeds on the fermentation of sugar. Cancer docs tend to feed the patient Ensure which is high in sugar.

There are ways of treating gi cancer with bicarbonate theory which is PH based.

PH strips of urine and saliva 6 days before you eat in the morning at least. Can’t eat dairy since it thickens the gut mucus lining. Drink lots of water as well.

PH strips a good range is 7.25-7.45, outside of that you can die. Strip goes in mouth.

First morning urine is more acidic since you tend to get rid of acid at night.

Starve candida of diet and than use different anti-fungal supplements every 4-5 days. Than heal the gut and repopulate it with good bacteria. You also have to get rid of metal toxicity.

Sugar free diet, gluten-free, dairy-free and not fermentation. Not soy, vinegar, fermentation, alcohol and possibly chocolate. Its hard to do since its 6-10 weeks. 40% pasteurized animal meat, 40% non starchy vegetables, 10% nut-seeds (keep them refrigerated), 1 serving of low glycemic fruit (berries or green apple) a day, 10% rice/quinoa if you handle it they have to be soaked.

You can have die-off symptoms allow 3-4 days off if you can.

Use dark liquid stevia to help with cravings.

Use Diatomaceous Earth growth to kill candida along with benznoate clay to catch toxics.

Don’t do candida until constipation is not too bad.

P’au D’arco in Tea form, 3-4 times a day super dark. Its anti-viral due for 4 days.

Than Oregano Oil capsules for 4 days. Than grape seed extract to build system. Than Olive Leaf Extract for 4 day. Sounds expensive. Take chia seeds for fiber. Also take Saccharomyces to kill the fungal as well. Also use marshmallow root to heal the gut. Bone broth.

Ginger pickle she has a recipe for it, helps with making more HCL.

Temperature and pulse 3 or 4 times a day after food to see if you temperature goes down. Or pay for a blood panel of thyroid and cortisol.

IR sauna sound fun for toxin removal.

Carbs and fruit should not be combines, since the fruit will rot since the carbs will be digested first.

Has online program which is more specific at http://www.twjcandidacleanse.com

Healing Parasite Infections with Paul Chek, HHP

Can parasites in Mexico in vending carts. The case the guy ending up pooping out a 9 foot tapeworm, yuck.

Chronic symptoms which could be parasite related; sores on skin, chronic joint problems, constant running noses, dry coughs that wouldn’t clear up, and more.

He crapped out several toilet bowls of worms and the story got much grosser.

Parasites are a side effect of diet and lifestyle. You need to fix the diet before you get rid of them or the parasites can learn to eat the cleanses.

You tend to be overheated since the body is trying to fight them eggs and creatures off.

They make you itch to to spread them.

Giardia can withstand boiling water you get that from stream water that is unfilter.

First major protection is the HCL in the stomach. If its low it will make it worse.

Hidelberg capsule test, its a little receiver you swallow which tells your acid levels in the stomach. Antacids make it worse.

90-95% has a parasite infection. That sounds high, perhaps its not symptom forming most of the time.

Stool test only work if the parasite is active. Biomeridian test which is new test 150 types of parasites.

Stress is the number one cause of infection.

Not a bad idea to put on a parasite removal protocol. But make sure you go all the way.

It can be sexually transmitted. Dogs and cats, dog licking will spreading it.

Its normal to have some parasites for immunity.

With Chrohn’s the parasites can be helpful by eating allergens so the body doesn’t get it.

You can’t get rid of parasites and fungus entirely.

He has some programs for mind problems which I might have to check out. The mind creates stress which is understandable. I’m curious if this is related cognitive behavioral therapy.

wwwPPSsuccess.com for the mind thing.

Has DVD set called Healing Fungal-Parastie Infections which is a 4 dvd set.

Bentonite clay is good for pulling some heavy metals.

Clay can fill you up before a meal to lower food consumption.

Sonnes liquid clay doesn’t go bad. Not sure what it does.

Cayenne pepper kills a fair amount of worms.

Hot spices kill bugs that why non refrigeration cultures use them in the past, like India and Mexico.

Frozen cod liver oil tablets will kill parasites in the upper intestines.

Chronic problems are often a response of self-neglect.

Flushing toilets sprays out fecal matter 20-30 feet away.

Sometimes bottle water is high acidic which isn’t healthy. Water is supposed to have to organisms in it to. Not sure if I want to do that exactly yet.

He is very libertarian that could be off putting for some readers. Its interesting for me.

He is 53 but looks like he is in early 40s.

Cold showers help with inflammation.

His official website is http://www.checkinstitute.com

Any suggestions, comments or critiques?

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