I am 26 old guy from a little state in the US of A. I keep kosher, but not glatt kosher when eating out. I will also have k kosher products as well, but they are not meat.

I was diagnosed with Chrohns in my senior year in high school 2003. Chrohns disease, is a ulceration of the intensines at a specific point. For me its in my last part of my lower intestines called the Illium.  Ulcerative colitis which is often grouped with Chrohns is I believe the entire tract but not quite as severe of ulceration.  I was put on a plethora of medications for it ranging from, Remicade (was givien through IV), dicyclomine, asocol, and metamucil (not medication but fiber!). Nothing really helps. The  one I stuck with was asacol and had to exercise at least 3 times a week to keep the gut cramps manageable. Exercise helps move the blood around, gets the immune system working better and the endorphins help with pain management. Tylenol works as well but I reserve it for really severe cramps.  Also heat pads and spraying the stomach area with magnesium oil will reduce pain significantly in bad situations.

I created this blog as a sort of journal of my progress to ideally exceptional, stress and medicine-free health. I also want to get the elusive 6 pack which I’m probably 10-20 pounds away from. Another even more important to is network with others who want to get healthier and keep kosher. Although I think the guidelines will help even people who don’t keep kosher but want to be healthy. At some point, when I get a large enough audience I’d like to set up a forum and someway of users creating custom content and possibly blogs linked to this.

Being kosher should be synonymous with being healthy.


I’m down to 2 meds currently but will be off the one soon. These aren’t for Chrohns but they have improved from Paleo/Primal lifestyle.


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  1. I didn’t see a place to email you so I’m going to leave this here.

    Thanks for following my blog! Because of that, I stumbled onto your wonderful corner of the internet. I’ve been meaning to get in better shape, and I think you will be a great encouragement for me.

    • Thanks for stopping by and following. I appreciate the kind words.

      I forgot about adding an email place. I will probably have to set up one with an auto reply or however its done currently.

  2. Good luck with that! I’m sure staying off grains/dairy will be really helpful..That’s what I’m trying to convince everyone I know with crohn’s right now..I wish you guys could get off meds, for some reason I think they’re part of the problem 😦 But I know it sounds unthinkable for someone with crohn’s.
    Let me know how it goes, I wish you all the best!

    • I’m actually off the chrohns meds. Asacol. It was causing my hair to thin faster than it should have been. My family does have a history of male pattern baldness but normally its later on. When removed my hair started to come in a bit more. You can’t get off the meds until the pain is under control. Its just too much to handle usually. Tylenol so far has been the best pain reliever although magnesium oil helps a ton.

  3. I started a kosher blog after helping heal my son’s IBS – we did the SCD diet. I’m striving for a paleo lifestyle for myself and hope my family follows along…

    I’ve been hosting blog carnivals for the Jewish holidays – would love to have you join. Please email me if you would like to be added to the notification email (next one is Chanukkah). It would be nice to have more kosher+paleo recipes posted.

  4. Hey from downunder! So happy I stumbled across your blog! I keep strictly kosher and am following the paleo/primal diet. The main reason I find keeping kosher and paleo challenging is because so much of my friends and families lives are centred around FOOD! And non-paleo food so I always find myself either saying no to the food and getting weird looks, or saying yes to the food and cursing every bite! That part sucks. I guess we also have more limited kosher products here but probably no less than there’d be in the USA unless you hang around the east coast. Haha although my experiences in the NY kosher take-outs weren’t too paleo 🙂 It is encouraging to find other people out there who are also taking responsibility for their health. Good luck on your journey!

  5. We don’t really have many options when it comes to meat (there are 3 kosher butchers here) so I did not research it. But it would be interesting to ask what they are fed…
    The Jewish community in Melbourne is big with a strong Jewish presence as mostly everyone lives within a 10min drive. Sydney is also big although more spread out and fewer religious Jews. Other major cities would have MUCH smaller communities. I’m guessing the Jewish population to be about 100 000 between Melbourne and Sydney (not counting the Jews in other places) but honestly, I don’t know the stats…just guessing. It is a beautiful place and there are tons of tourists here all the time 🙂

  6. Hi, I stumbled upon your site from a comment you posted on Paleohacks. I’m always on the lookout for kosher wholesome, traditional food oriented blogs. I just started mine Nourishing Israel. We made aliyah from the States 2 1/2 years ago and there seems to be a dearth of wholesome food information and sources – at least for anglos – so I’m hoping to fill the void. Also, wondering if you are familiar with the Gut and Psychology Syndrome diet by Dr. Natasha Campbel McBride (www.gapsdiet.com) – it works to restore intestinal health and is based on the SCD. All the best to you.

    • Thanks for stopping by. Feel free to check out and comment any article you like. I have a few links to other WAPF people. http://oceansofjoy.wordpress.com/

      She is in Israel and I believe WAPF as well. So you might want to contact her and meet up. I would think Israel’s food would be healthier since they don’t have Monsanto controlling a lot of the food supply and less packaged foods.

  7. Yes, I do know her and she is WAPF. I’ll check out your other WAPF links. Glad we don’t have Monsanto here but there are enough imported foods that one needs to be careful about where foods are coming from. I think the number of packaged foods has probably increased over the years, but since a lot comes from Europe where GMO and antibiotics, hormones in animals are still not allowed (for the most part?) we are probably somewhat better off, at least for the time being. In general, people do seem to be healthier here than in the U.S. – less obesity, longer expected lifespan, less infant mortality, and rate higher in “happiness” polls.

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