Digestion Sessions Notes Part 3

Collateral Damage: How GMO Foods Wreck Your Gut and Cause Food Allergies with Jeffrey Smith

GMO- genetically modified organism. You take a gene from one species and mix it with another. Sounds like Frankenstein.

The big GMO foods are, soy, corn, cotton (cottonseed oil?), canola, sugar beets, alfalfa, zucchini, yellow squash, and papaya.

They want to soon make GMO fish and livestock.

Monsanto is the biggest GMO company that wants to genetically modifiyeverything. They want to 100% GMO all commercial seeds worldwide.

You can make a plant with insecticide by taking it from one organism and added to the corn’s DNA. There is no control of where the Gene can attach yet, so it could cause a lot of problems. I personally think they will figure this out at some point. I’m not sure if that will reduce the problems entirely.

You can create new allergies with these changes.

FDA is covering up problems with the process. Mansanto is also knee deep in the government, they are the food Czar.

No study has been done yet if eating an animal that eats GMO foods will affect a human.

Animals with GMOS tend to have GI, reproductive problems, immune system problems, accelerated aging, organ damage, and problems with cholesterol and insulin.

Improvement without GMO are GI first, than brain fog, immune system problems, weight loss, high blood pressure, diabetes, liver problems and reproductive disorders improve.

Livestock problems such as above simply improve from GMO removal.

Chrohn’s disease symptoms gone in 3 days with GMO removal!?! He won’t elaborate on this of course.

There isn’t direct proof of this with charts. A lot of could be correlation.

They have to GMO a crop so it can withstand Round-up (Monsanto as well) which would kill them.

Round up is not great for GI problems.

BT toxin kills insects by poking holes in their guts walls. EPA claims their no effect on the human. But of course it pokes holes in humans. Which leads to leaky gut. With the holes the food goes in the bloodstream that is not fully digested. Immune system thinks its an invader. Sometimes this large food particles look like body tissue, and the body than attacks that tissue, and autoimmune response.

BT toxin was found in the blood of 93% of pregnant women in Canada. Source is most likely milk or meat of animals that ate BT Toxin plants, its usually in corn but its not heavily eaten besides HFCS.

Apparently round up can transfer to bacteria genes in the body and stay in the body even if your not eaten GMOs.

Corn chips have BT Toxins in them in the US. I love corn chips when I go to Mexican restaurants. Corn is now a registered pesticide. It has a lot of toxins in it by design and with the round up leftovers.

BT spray is pretty harmless since its weaker and washes off.

Roundup has links to pretty much most disorders and more I listed before. It binds with minerals making them unusable in the body. Its also an antibiotic, which kills the positive bacteria as well. This causes gas as well. It can also block the metabolic pathway of bacteria to produce L-tryptophan which is need to produce serotonin and melatonin. That’s the neurotransmitter that has been a long time claimed to be the main source depression although its probably more complicated than that. Disregulation of serotonin also makes you hungry all of the time. Melatonin helps with sleep regulation. And roundup corrupts detox pathways as well.

It may cause an inverse of sexuality as well in terms of hormones.

Can’t wash off Roundup from a plant. And its in most food. Not sure how you get rid of it entirely.

Stomach acid doesn’t entirely get rid of it since its present in breast milk and urine.

GMO clothes can cause rashes on the skin. Although if its cleaned and processed it should be safe.

# of farmers who commited suicide via drinking BT Toxins directly after their GMO cotton plants failed was 250,000. Not sure where this was.

Europe banned GMO in 1999 due to a gagged Doctor who had concern about it. He was also subjected to coordinated attack by the media which probably led to his heartattack.

2013 39% of Americans avoid GMOs.

Has a movie and book called Genetic Roulette

www.responsibletechnology.org his main website.

www.nongmoshoppingguide.com has 20,000 products on it.

Shop no gmo app for iphone.

Beyond Bone Broth: Healing Your Gut with Real Foods with Dr. Jillian Sarno Teta, ND

Foods that have enzymes in them are raw food in them. Doesn’t recommend a pure raw diet.

Can’t eat the recommend pineapple since I break out in a rash from it. It thins some mucus which to me doesn’t sound good, but it does break down foods with the bromelain.

Animal protein actually boosts acid production in stomach.

Bitters like lemon and ginger help as well.

Watercress and Swiss chard might help with bile productions.

Stool and blood test for candida, parasites, dysbiotic bacteria. Before you self-treat.

High FODMAPS are basically fiber foods that are easily fermentable which tend to cause more gas and gut damage.

Get rid of sugar and caffeine and fermented foods if you have bacteria problems.

Coconut is anti-microbial and anti-fungal probably due to Lauric acid.

Garlic is a great GI anti-microbial.

Aromatic herbs like oregano (oil is used for a lot of purposes), turmeric, cayenne are antimicrobial. Ginger, chives, anything with a strong odor.

To help from die off from microbial use a lot of water to dilute the bacteria. Not sure how this works.

Common symptoms of die off are headaches, fatigue, mood swings, muscular pain, and bowel changes like speeding up (loose bowels).

To bolster good bacteria fermentable only if you don’t have a pathogen. ACV, kombutcha, kefir, and yogurt. The food for bacteria is prebiotics or basically fiber. This creates short change fatty acids which is great for energy. Sweet potatoes, pumpkin and winter squash are great prebiotics. Cantaloup and honey dew, honey and bee pollen, zucchini, artichokes and more.

If you have SIBO some fodmaps are okay. Lay off the honey and bee pollen.

Lining of gut is where food is absorbed. Sometimes the food can’t get through to the body due to inflammation, which sounds like the opposite of leaky gut.

Flavanoids help with soothing the gut lining from inflammation. They are a food class. They are present in black, blue, purple and red foods. Berries, cherries, grapes and they are low FODMAP.

Another class called 4oxy flavanoid, the most known is quercetin. Helps with allergies and is found in onions.

There is a citrus version of these flavanoids found in lime, lemon, and grapefruit.

Tumeric are great for inflammation in the gut. Parsley and cilantro help as well.

Walnuts and pecans are highly anti inflammatory except for the Omega6 levels.

Foods that are slippery tend to help with soothing the intestinal lining are okra, leeks, onions, green tipped bananas, herbs, slippery elm and licorice.

Knox and Great Lakes are good beef gelatin. I’m not sure if they are kosher though.

Nitrates in bacon and hotdogs are a plant chemical. Kale has more nitrates than processes foods its not bad for you. Celery seed is what is used for processed meats. Nitrates (well nitrites which are digested by bacteria) that mix with stomach acid and forms nitric acid which seems good for everything.

Don’t use Listerine or alcohol based mouth washes because you are killed off tongue bacteria used to prevent dysbyosis in the mouth.

Chronic stress effects GI which is no surprise. Stay in the moment and slow down. Owning up to quirks and gratitude. Be grateful for what you have.

Briefly goes over cognitive behavioral therapy without stating it.

Some books to check out, Loving What Is she likes, Obstacle is the way by Ryan Holiday and Your Mind is What your Brain Does for a Living.

She has a book called Natural Solution for Digestive Health.

Has a website called www.gutrestoration.com

The 4 Rs of Gut Healing with Reed Davis, FDN

The first R is remove, foods that are sensitive too, and bugs. What’s a bug?

The second R is replace, nutrients and HCL acid.

Third R is repair, inflammation and gut function.

Fourth R is probiotics.

Digestion starts in brain which triggers saliva. Followed by chewing. Saliva breaks down sugars in mouth. Stomach pulverizes food and breaks food with HCL acid. Pepsin in stomach break down proteins. Food is in it for an hour to 3 hours. HCL sends signals to start digestion in small intestine.

Small gut is 22 feet for more abortion surface. Pancreas releases insulin and lipase (fat digestion). Lipase need bile from the gall bladder as well.

Digestive system has as many neurons as spinal cord and work independently of brain. Not sure about the second part of this claim though.

HCL acid kills bacteria and spores.

Small intestine has tons of folds to increase surface area. And the folds have fold called villi. And on top of the villi are microhairs which have enzymes which break down foods to one molecule size.

75% of immune system is in digestive track.

Villi can be destroyed over time, I’m not sure if they can grow back.

After food goes through small intestine it goes large intestine, which absorbs water and electrolytes.

There is 5-10 lbs in the large intestine/colon of bacteria.

Metabolic chaos can be, from eating to quickly, not chewing enough, not enough HCL acid, bad livers that don’t produce bile, pancreas problems like diabetes and lipase production, villi damage in the gut, constipation, diarrhea, dysbiosis of bacteria and more.

Constipation causes toxins to sit for too long.

Inflammation, infection, dysbiosis causes cortisol to go up. This raises blood sugar which may lead to insulin resistance. You also may get neurotransmitter issues and thyroid problems.

Ghrelin make you want eat food. And that increases with inflammation. He talks about leptin an Siga which I didn’t follow. Siga involves the immune system but I’m not sure how.

He’s talking about big guns killing the bugs. Not sure what bugs are still. He never defines this. He could be talking about insects for all I know. Maybe they are bacteria?

Sounds like they might be virus, fungus and bacteria.

You can remove them with botanicals but you need physician help. Goldenseel, garlic, tea tree oil, walnut. Wormwood is good for parasites and worms.

Just killing the bacteria will not stop the problem. There is an underlying issue which caused it to happen.

Sit down and eat your food, relax while eating as well. Chew up food well and smaller bites. Just eat real food or JERF, avoid boxes and bagged foods. Eliminate foods like dairy, corn, soy and wheat. He mentions eggs but that’s probably due to the feed. Tests: food sensitivity test, GI pathogen screen (stool sample), gut function biological marker test.

This is called functional diagnostic nutrition.

www.fdnselfcare.com if you want to be a client.

www.fdntraining.com if you want to be a trainer.


Any suggestions, comments or critiques?

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