The cause of Chrohns has been found?


According to this article

The researchers analyzed fecal samples from 20 patients with Crohn’s and 28 healthy patients without Crohn’s from nine different families, as well as from 21 patients from four other families who did not have relatives with Crohn’s. They found high amounts of E. coli and Serratia marcescens and Candida tropicalis in the patients with Crohn’s ― significantly more so than in the family members without Crohn’s, as well as the individuals from families without a history of Crohn’s disease.

When the bacteria which are the first two listed and the fungus (generally a candida)

The researchers ran additional tests to see what happened when the two bacteria and the fungus interacted. Together the organisms produced a thin, slimy layer of microorganisms they say would be able to adhere to various organs in the body, including the intestines, which would likely cause the same type of inflammation known to affect people with Crohn’s.

I see my GI again later this year, and I will ask if an anti-fungal and anti biotic is available that targets these bacteria and fungus. I doubt it, but its good to know they are getting far more specific with the cause. I haven’t written for a long time due to injuries, and a surgery.



Any suggestions, comments or critiques?

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