Peppermint Oil for Gas Relief

I was having trouble at work for awhile. Basically having to go to the bathroom multiple times. This caused a nausea feeling after awhile. I went to a local GNC and asked what could help with this pain, and the guy mentioned ginger and peppermint oil. I just got peppermint oil which is to help gas, and you put a drop  or 2 drops in water. He recommended adding some sweetener and but I don’t like sweetness too much. The gas relief happens in under 10 minutes which is faster than Gas-X ! It also doesn’t’ have yellow or blue dyes in it which I don’t like to eat. The pain before over time would wear me out and I never suspected it was gas since it didn’t feel like it was pushing out like normal.

I did see my GI doctor recently and am doing some tests to see what may be causing the problems. My hunch is nerves, especially since I’m in a customer service like job. I’m an introvert too and don’t like to be around a lot of people either…

Any suggestions, comments or critiques?

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