A Foot Story

Recently my trusty New Balance Minimus MT10 shoes finally had to be retired. They were 3 years old and developed a large hole in the toe area which I felt while walking. They were a minimal shoe with a 4 mm heel to toe drop which isn’t terrible but a vast improvement over a typical running shoe. The stack height, which is the height of the sole from ground to where the foot rests, is 15 mm at heel, and 11 mm at toe. They also have a toe spring which is when the front of the toes angles up a bit. I naturally looked to buy a second pair, however the new models are more narrow in the mid foot and even less flexible than previously. So I decided to look in local stores for minimal shoes. They no longer carry minimal shoes in most stores.

I finally found a shoe in online called Skora or so I thought. Skora was an attractive shoe in leather and the model that seemed most promising was the Core which I bought. It featured asymmetric lace, burrito tongue, a snug fit a 9 mm stack height and excellent long lasting materials. I ordered that but it was very uncomfortable in the sole. It has a rounded heel which caused an imbalance on my heel. This triggered pain if I stood still for awhile. They now have a thicker sole version which is flat on the bottom which might work, but I’m not quite ready to get it. I returned the shoe promptly. I may try another product in the future, since the upper was excellent. If they made a low cushion and mid cushion version of their Tempo style sole I would buy one of those in the future. It features an almost flat sole which looks quite comfortable but not sure if its as durable as the other models they have.

The next shoe I found was called Lems Primal 2. I like the second name a lot for some reason. They tend to run ½ size large however the size 8 seemed to work okay. I did have to add some heel grips on my left shoe to prevent ankle chafing. At the start the shoe was perfect with the insole in. However recently I have developed some problems. The problem was because I overlooked four key differences, ground feel, flexibility, stack height difference and zero drop (no difference in height between heel to toe). Basically its like relearning to walk in Vibram Five Fingers, you gradually need to work your time into them. I ignored that and plowed into wearing them every day of the week. I now have very sore feet from doing that. It has a 8 mm stack height but with a 3 mm insert which I have kept in for comfort.

Since my foot is sore from overworking it I will slowly work my time up and than give a detailed review in the future of this shoe. I also purchased a work shoe which is an oxford called a Nine2Five.

I also purchased a product called Correct Toes when ordering the Lems which deserves several posts. Its basically a toe brace to spread out the toes. I did that too quickly as well. Here is a review that led me to buy the Lems. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B-EkeGz9p0c I look forward to posting again, I haven’t had any inspiration for awhile.

Any suggestions, comments or critiques?

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