I started taking one to two betaine HCL’s after eating a meal. I wanted to see if my digestion will improve. I have a feeling it takes close to a month to really see a difference. 2 pills make my stomach gurgle. 1 seems to eliminate some of the heaviness I get after I eat. I have read about betaine before for acid reflux, but was not aware it helped with stomach gas. Gas tends to cause the most pain when it does, since it feels like your going to explode. I highly recommend reading the original article and the links she provides. They cover why in earth someone would want to take a weakened HCL tablet. HCL normally is a very strong acid that can burn through quite a few organic objects. However the stomach can handle it like a pro since its job is to digest proteins.


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  2. What is the difference between taking HCl and Hydrogen peroxide? I know the latter is for oxygenation but I wonder about it’s affect on stomach acid? I was reading about distilled water (with H2o2) and there is so much controversy about distilled or non-distilled, what’s your opinion?

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