k2 research and some info about the thyroid

I was browsing paleohack and came across a link to Free the Animal. Richard there is talking about k2 which is one interesting vitamin that is not taken often. What’s really impressive about it is that it can break down calcium deposits in arteries! It also sends the calcium back into the bones. Its mainly found in animal brains, marrow and organs though. So you may have to supplement if you can’t stomach those foods. 😉 I will have to do some more follow posts when I learn more about it. The book mentioned in thread could be fun if I can read it at my library.

Free the animal K2

Another thing that I have been fixated on it the thyroid. If its messed up you usually can’t lose weight even with severe caloric restriction. Which ironically will probably make it worse. It also seems like super low carb isn’t that great for it either. Most of the hormones that the thyroid gland make have iodine in them. However Iodine (seaweed and kelp) is usually a problem to take if you have a malfunctioning thyroid. There is a buffer for iodine so that it works correctly and that is selenium. Selenium is found in brazil nuts. If you take 200 mcg of selenium for every 50 mcg of iodine it sounds like iodine will be used to make thyroid hormones without an issue.

Perfect health diet Hypothyroidism

Chris Kresser also weighs on selenium anti-inflammatory affect with iodine and its ability to convert t4 to t3


Jeffrey Dach MD also has some interesting info on selenium and iodine. He even has blood tests you should take to monitor them.

Selenium for Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis



Any suggestions, comments or critiques?

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