Another reason not to eat pork?

PUFAs or Poly Unsaturated Fatty Acids are a type of fat that is common in pork, fish and nuts. The most famous one is omega 3 in salmon, however omega 6 is the other famous one. Pig is obviously unkosher however I thought it was still safe for consumption for non observant and non-Jews (goyim to be  obnoxious). PUFA’s have a tendency to be fragile fats that go rancid quickly and oxidize. Oxidized fats are pretty bad for the body. According to the following article, by the Perfect Health couple, it may be worse than alcohol for cirrhosis of the liver.

Is Pork Still Dangerous

The amount of anger this article has attracted so far, is hilarious in my opinion. For some reason bacon is considered the greatest food to mankind in both paleo and low carb circles. Beef bacon however is healthier although I dunno how it tastes yet. Seem pretty popular in Jewish circles if you can get it. Personally I have only have pork products a few times when I was lazy about asking what the potatoes are fried in, or when I was at Kinder Kare back when I was a terror.

If you do eat bacon, just don’t eat it daily and try to avoid eating it with sugar. It seems like sugar oxidizes the PUFAs somehow, but that is beyond my understanding of the body.


Any suggestions, comments or critiques?

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