Digestion Sessions Notes Part 1

Notes on the Digestion Sessions

I had to take notes on these videos since digestion seems to be the root of my problems. Maybe I can find something that will help out my pains and my family pains. At this point I think the price of 147 for all of the videos is kind of steep and it should be more like 70 bucks when it hits full price. I still bought it though since I want to support this type of work. These notes aren’t organized but they do match up with the videos pretty well. Some presenters were more organized were others were more scatter minded than I am. Spelling is most likely wrong on some of the complicated bacteria and processes. I also skipped parts that I did not understand. There are at this moment 19 pages of notes so I have to break them up. After that I will try make sense of it all. Hopefully I’m not breaking rules posting this. These videos were free for 48 hours and I did purchase them to allow me more time to take notes.  There are additional ebooks I got but I have not had a chance to view them. Each of these videos are about 1 hour each so it a time consuming process.

There are 19 different presenters, however a few of them were recipes which I didn’t think added much to new research I haven’t come across. I’m also skeptical of some claims presented. There is also overlap between presenters and sometimes contrary information.

Gut Flora 101: How to Build a Healthy Microbiome: with Andrea Nakayama, CNE

Functional medicine deals with the entire system. Its basically a holistic approach to health rather than symptom based.

Most people don’t pay attention to signals the body gives. Than people want quick fixes to the problems rather than preventing them in the first place.

Husband had an aggressive brain tumor. He was given 7 weeks to live, when she was pregnant. With proper nutrition he lived 2 years longer. Probably due to sugar reduction, but she didn’t cover it that deeply.

Make sure you chew your food enough to get the saliva to digest it more and make it easier to break it down better for the stomach. If I remember it digest carbohydrates primary. She says fats can be broken down, I hadn’t heard of that.

Acidic stomach breaks proteins and kills bacteria. 1 and 2 ph is what stomach acid is which can burn the skin. Iron can be broken down in it as well.

If you eat a ton of iron and b12 and deficient, your stomach acid is probably off.

Stomach acid makes the flap stay close if strong enough.

Colon is seat of bacterial population and removal of fibers.

A baby is exposed to bacteria when birthed from the vagina and swallowing feces. Yuck!

30-40 species of bacteria in the colon. Sounds less than I expected.

Antibiotics in food messes up gut bacteria. Its in food, water air. So it is hard to avoid.

C-sections causes less bacteria immunity. I was born this way perhaps this could be the root of my problems. However I think its genetic and previous dietary habits.

Not all strains of E Coli are bad, some utilize vitamin k which helps with blood clotting.

Some bacteria will actually steal nutrients from the food.

Eat probiotic rich foods, sauerkraut, kombatcha, fermented vegetables, kimchi, kefir, yogurt and more. Eat daily.

Not all probiotics will work since its dependent on you. Their is stool tests now for bacteria levels.

Take probiotics with antibiotics but not at the same time. Take probiotics with food.

Side effects of probiotics is die off of pathogenic bacteria. Can worsen symptoms temporarily. Lower dosage until symptom recover, than up the dosage.

Blueberries, green tea, chocolate, raw apple cider are good polyphenals which is good for short chain fatty acids.

Sugars are not good for bacteria and yeast control.

Resistant starch (potato starch, lentils, cold cooked red potatoes with skin, green plantains), feeds bacteria. They don’t digest unless certain bacteria digest it, which helps other good bacteria.

Prebiotics are feeding probiotics. Jerusalem artichokes and jicama are examples of this.

Fermecuties  (sic) can malabsorb fat calories causing fat storage. You can gain weight by the wrong type of bacteria.

http://www.replenishpdx.com courses for general public.

http://www.holisticnutrionlab.com trains physicians. Its a 9 month training taken anytime of year.

H Pylori: Detecting and Eliminating the infection that causes Heartburn: with Dr Daniel Kalish, DC

Heartburn affects 50% of population.

Symptoms are gas, bloating, fatigue and belching (isn’t that pretty common symptom of multiple disorders?)

H. Pylori is a bacterial infection of the stomach and you can get it simply by kissing someone else. Reminds me of Candida.

Damages stomach lining so you can’t make stomach acid.

Food than travels to small intestine undigested where bacteria feed on it.

Food also rots in stomach causing gases

Stomach valve to esophagus not shutting is what causes the acid to go up.

Acid blocking drugs allow the infection to last longer, untreated. So the infection gets worse.

Fatigue with no other symptoms is a common complaint. Your not digesting well so malnourished.

Blood test for H Pylori, test for antibodies against it. Not a good test for it, sketchy. Endoscopic exam is sketchy as well. Breath test is good for acute infections. Antigen test is best test, due to a portion of an organism present. Its a stool sample. Its under a 100 bucks.

Its usually a chronic low grade infection, however it can cause ulcers if gets bad. Not stress.

Biohealth is a pathogen screen test. Biodiet.com. If its shows up as detected, you have it. You need a certified practitioner to detect it.

Being in a constant inflamed state causes cortisol levels to be elevated. Cortisol acts an anti-inflammatory. The elevated cortisol makes it more difficult to deal with emotional stress, creating a vicious loop.

Treat adrenal glands first. Sleep, exercise, food for 60 days before removing the infection.

Use drugs for ulcer infections. Herbs work pretty well. Drugs are antibiotic so can cause problems like.

Mastic gum. Also used in conjunction with olive leaf extract and oil of oregano. Anti-inflammatory product DGL (di glycericated liquorice root). Use for two months.

The chakra part sounded pretty out there to me. Never had much luck with acupuncture. I hate sitting still for a long time, especially with pins in me.

Has a Khalish Method technique. His website is kalishinstitute.com

How to Beat the Bloat: Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth: With Dr. Allison Siebecker, ND

She talks pretty fast so I skipped a fair amount since I simply couldn’t follow her.

Abdominal bloating. Usually happens after eating. I get this often when I eat out. I’ve been constipated for ever and have pain. All of the symptoms. Along with sometimes excessive burping. Farting is only an issue when I have to go to bathroom bad, and am blocked from doing so. Brain fog is a symptom as well.

Scleradoma slows down digestion causing bacteria to overgrow.

SIBO may be the underlying cause of IBS. Not sure about Chrohns.

Digestion is impaired by bacteria being in the wrong spot. Small intestine is where the food is absorbed, the bacteria being their competes with it.

They can block b12 absorption due to some intrinsic factor which I don’t quite understand. Its binds with b12 for some reason. The bacteria also steals the b12 as well.

It can pull apart bile so it doesn’t full digest fat. This results in fatty stools where the fat ends up in the stools rather than being absorbed in the body. The bile itself than can damage the enzymes in the mucous lining.

It might cause carb cravings. Bacteria wants sugar since its food source.

Test with hydrogen and methane breath test. It requires taking a prescription based sugar solution called lactolose breath test. It feeds only the bacteria so it might make symptoms worse temporarily since it creates gas. The gas is than measured in the breath. Its a 2-3 hour test, 3 hours is better. SIBOinfo.com/resources/testing

You can’t test it with a stool test since it only affects the large intestine.

She is awful excited to talk about gas. Hydrogen and methane are the ones that cause the swelling. Too much gas will explode open the esophagus letting the acid. Methane is for constipation, hydrogen is for diarrhea. I have to have more methane than. Methane in the gut can cause constipation directly.

IBS have increased sensitivity to pressure which registers as pain. The muscles can contract against the pressure which is an intense pain.

Stomach acid problems make sibo worse.

Diabetes, surgery, and hypothyroid can slow motility as well. Opioid pain medicines constipate as well.

They get into bacteria mimicing some gut cell, but it went over my head as well.

You use herbal/ pharmaceutical antibiotics along with diet.

Getting rid of bacteria won’t guarantee to get rid of SIBO.

Refaxion antibiotic targets only intestine, and is anti-inflammatory. Doesn’t cause yeast overgrowth.

Methane gas bacteria needs refaxion and flagel. Neomycin is another option. 2 weeks treatment

Herbal antibiotics include candybactin and more. Berberin 5 grams a day, (goldensel), neem, oregano, allicon (alimed which is great for methane).

4 weeks treatment

Elemental diet is a liquid diet which is absorbed faster and easier than chewing. Its 2 weeks.

Needs a motility agent after treatment which prevents from the bacteria coming back.

Needs double antibiotic for methane.

Need to retest especially if you have symptoms. It could be something. She prefers 5-14 day for retesting.

It might take multiple treatments to bring gas down to zero.

Bacteria mainly need carbs, SCD diet works pretty well. No starch, grains or tubers. Fructose mainly. FODMAP diet works as well. 4 weeks

FODMAP= Fermentable,Olgio-,Di-,Mono-saccharides and Polyols. It allows gluten-free grains, starch and some fruits. Onions cause a lot of FOS and can cause gas. 6 weeks

Tweak if no relief. Eggs, dairy and nuts might be problems.

Fiber can feed bacteria so refined grains like white rice is okay.

Raw food has more fiber which is a problem for the bacteria overgrowth. Salads and chia seeds can be a problem.

Clover honey is better, since its 50/50 glucose/fructose. FODMAPS don’t know about it since its not a Australian honey type. It absorbs fine in fructose ma-absorption patients.

SCD is best for Chrohn’s. GAPS is great for autism, adhd and other mental issues. However they might need to be customized per person to get the best results.

Has more info on prokinetics on her website. Will have to check into that.

Extinguishing Inflammation: Putting Out the Fire with Real Food – with Dr. Tom O’Bryan, DC

Our children have a shorter projected life span than their parents.

Inflammation is not bad for you, but excessive is.

The body has a limited number options to deal with an unlimited # of insults. Stress, toxins, emotional responses. Inflammation destroys bad bacteria

400% increase in gluten sensitivity due to loss of oral tolerance. Claims that the loss of oral tolerance is from environmental toxins. BPA in water bottles, mercury in fish.

An inflammation response tends to cascade so one thing will lead to another in a chair reaction sort of way. You don’t notice the damage until tissue is attacked enough.

Carb selection- White potatoes can be a problem if eaten in large amounts. I don’t believe he mentioned more types though.

GMO foods- BT toxin in food tears apart intestine walls of insects. It does it in humans in as well, but does not kill you. Goes over some research that causes it.

1 cup of blueberries a day for 3 years you reverse loss of brain function for 13 years. It also helps reduce colon cancer. It turns on genes to calm inflammation. Make sure its organic.

Weary of high fats diet if high permeability in gut.

Cooking creates AGES, which cause permeability. Happens when sugars and proteins are cooked. Eat with raw foods to counteract it. Too much AGES limit the amount of blood flow in carotid arteries in neck. Red wine, berries, tea, chocolate, coffee, walnuts and more counteract. They are called polyphenols.

Allergies might be due to worn down intestinal villi which allow large food particles in the blood. This causes the body to create antibodies to normally healthy food. This is leaky gut.

Enteric neuroscience is about how the gut controls brain function.

Lipo Poly Sacacride- is some fat radical or bacteria I don’t quite understand. It might be a trigger for my depression. Its something I need to look in more.

Lipid Raft Transitotis- fats are being carried through a healthy gut. Palm oil sometimes does this. I wonder if rancid fats does this

Biofilm can protect bacteria from antibodies.

High fat is bad for intestinal permeability. Coconut oil is fine, palm oil is not good for this.

Beer is okay if you don’t have gluten sensitivity.

Onions and carrots that have been refrigerated for a few days can cause LPS problems. The lack of the skin on the carrots allows LPS to colonize.


Any suggestions, comments or critiques?

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