Farewell my old electric oven

We finally retired the electric oven which I had been using for all of my recipes. We are not sure how old exactly it is but its somewhere between 40-50 years old. The old ovens did last a long time although the elements were starting to not be usable if you have more than 2 on at a time. Also the upper oven simply stopped working and the light that indicated it was on was permanently on even if nothing was cooking. We had a gas pipe installed when we moved for a future gas oven which never got until several weeks ago. There is a problem with the location of the pipe since its not flush with the wall so at some point it will have to be cut out and replaced with a new pipe that is level with the wall. The new oven sticks out 2.5″ and has a 1.5″ clearance in the back which food could easily get stuck behind. But that will be taken care of eventually.


Here are some photos of the old oven.



Its a double oven which they unfortunately don’t make anymore. The current double ovens only occupy the bottom oven which cuts down on cooking space.  The metal thing with the handle at the top of the upper oven was a vent system we had. There was no way of cleaning out oil build up so it did not vent well.



The stovetop. On the metal bar I would hang my cleaning cloths. I really liked the reversed big to small elements which I don’t think they do style wise anymore. It made it easy to switch from back to front when all burners were working well.



Just what it looks like on the side. The electric cord was being cut at this point. I don’t have pictures of the whole process since it took several days and I was working when it was being removed and replaced. Our whole kitchen will eventually be redesigned. But probably not that soon since the guy who installed the oven said it can cost from $16,000 to $20,000. And on top of that the floor and wall paper would have to be replaced at some point. But we have cleared up a lot of countertop space which makes cooking easier. I can’t store stuff on the middle of the oven like I used to since there is now a burner there. I will have to take some pictures of the new oven in action and what it looks like soon. I will be using it heavily soon for Passover.



Any suggestions, comments or critiques?

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