Wheat Belly: Einkorn Wheat

I’ve heard a lot of things about the book Wheat Belly by William Davis. From positive to negative. I just started reading the book to see what I thought about it. One thing that came to mind is his mention of Einkorn and Emmer wheat. Einkorn is a simple ancient wheat that only has 14 chromosomes. Emmer is a bit more complex but it was used in ancient Egypt. Both strains are tall crops at 4 feet high and take awhile to grow. The most current strain of wheat is 4 feet high, only about 50 years old, and genetically modfied. Its a GMO crop which often doesn’t get labeled as such. Since Einkorn is  simpler crop the gluten content (wheat proteins) is not as complex as modern wheat. There is a chance it won’t cause problems in most people except celiacs.


I was looking for a picture of eikhorn wheat and came across einkorn.net blog article. Its about the hybridization of wheat may be what is causing the current surge in celiacs disease. Also older forms of celiac tended to  lose weight rather than gain it. Eikhorn and Emmer are supposedly more nutty flavor almost like a peanut butter, so they might be used for challah bread and be kosher. The blog linked is an interesting read, however I’m still under the impression that grains aren’t doing the body any favor.


Why all this research into wheat? I used to love it, but now can’t stand the taste of it after reintroducing it. Its bland and often causes aches and brain fogs for me. It might have triggered chrohns and it definetly didn’t help me lose weight when I though it was a healthy thing to eat. The following wheat types can be use for challah if necessary.  I still don’t know if you can do a motzi over a vegetable or root which would be healthier.


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