Beginning my Standing Desk Adventure

I recently purchased a standing desk (ErgoTron WorkFit D) and a active sitting chair (The Swopper). This guy gives a pretty good review of the Fitdesk which I also got some monitor arms to float my monitors, and allow them to move into a lot more positions for working purposes. The desk allows me to go from sitting to standing at a touch of a button. Its manually operated, but still is very smooth due to pneumatic lifts in the base of the desk. This is also why the desk was 750 on sale. Its not cheap technology but works.

Here is the review that convinced me to buy this model. Also the dimensions of the desk were important too and this model fit nicely in the corner I had planned for it.

Swopper video

The swopper is 700 as well. Its made in Germany and is made out of some good quality materials. There is an available back for it, but I don’t have it.  That’s  another 300. For some reason when you sit on it, you assume proper posture, and you can tilt toward a work surface easily on it. The bounciness is great for getting some energy worked in. Although it does seem to make my digestion faster. Not sure why that is yet. I just got it today so I’m sure I will have more to say about it in the following weeks. Everybody has to try that sees it.

ErgoErgo and Topstar Sitness are other active stools that look promising.


Any suggestions, comments or critiques?

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