How to Use a charcoal Chimney

This donut technique looks interesting. However I just use two sheets of newspaper crumbled into balls for the starter fire. Also I don’t use the coals until their is a layer of soot on them which is about 20-30 minutes from lighting. This time can supposedly be cut down by the use of a starter cube. Any more newspaper than this and you fire will not have an oxygen to burn hot enough to light the charcoals up.


What is a chimney smoker? Its a metal cylinder that you use to light up charcoal briquettes faster and evenly. This resultsĀ  in repeatable consistent cooking which is a must for my style of cooking. The downside of this Weber chimney is it doesn’t seem to hold enough charcoals to warm up a smoker to 250*F so cooking seems to take long. But this could be due to my inexperience with smoking meats in a water smoker.

A chimney smoker costs about $15-$20 bucks and is worth the investment. It should last for at least several years, longer if you remember to put it away when it rains.


Any suggestions, comments or critiques?

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