Gardening and Smoking

This is the second year that I have taken in an active interest in gardening. Last year I planted some pepper (nightshades) and cayenne hot peppers. My cayennes were impressive in that they withstood a hurricane we had here, and kept growing into October. I also grew a fair amount of herbs, which taste really incredible when you use in foods. There is nothing quite like having fresh produce that you can get right from walking outside. You know its organic, and there is no shipping long distances which would age the plants. If there is an interest in it I will post more about it. I can’t say its a manly hobby, but its something my grandparents did. My mother and aunt know a lot about it so I will learn from them as well. 

I also found a cheap $60 smoker to make smoked chicken, and briskets. Smoking is lower temperature cooking like a crockpot, but is a different style of cooking all together. Its the season for smoking and bbq, so look forward to more recipes for both in the coming weeks.



Any suggestions, comments or critiques?

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