Can too low of carbohydrate slow down metabolism?

Lately I have been eating more carbohydrates, in the form of rice and potatoes.  Maybe bananas,honey and or orange juice would be better? I read some work from Ray Peat and the simplified into words I can understand by Danny Roddy. Basically if you don’t eat enough carbs (I am aiming for about 200 grams a day) your thyroid slows down. This will effect weight loss and energy mobilization and you tend to plateau which I have for close to 8 months.

I still think if your just starting paleo that you should do a low carb under 100-150 grams of carbs a day, to get used to eating less carbs than usual. I would only do this until you reach a plateau than you might want to add a few starchy carbs back. I believe Roddy promotes using fructose like orange juice, but I am little skeptical about how that much. I think starches tend to be more friendly digestive wise at least for me. Although I may experiment around with fructose sometime (its the sugar in fruits which is often bound to fiber). Its digested similarly to how alcohol (which is a sugar too) is broken down.

But for me I’m not sure what my daily carb level should be. Its highly specific per person and I want to finetune it.


One thought on “Can too low of carbohydrate slow down metabolism?

Any suggestions, comments or critiques?

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