Basic Chicken Soup Slow Cooked


THe last you see of the soup before it simmers for 13 hours!”

I came up with this recipe when I had a leftover frozen roasting chicken that was about to expire and needed to be cooked. So I threw it in a crock pot with some soup vegetables and basic seasoning. It was better than I thought it would be, however a 6 cup crock pot hardly creates enough broth for the amount of work needed in clean up. So the next time I attempted this recipe I used 12 qt stock pot which almost covered to stove top burners. I had at least 4 or 5 tubs of soup that I could freeze and use as chicken stock as a result! And the chicken yields a lot of bones which I save for bone soups, which are always good and easy to make. The soup chicken itself ends up really bland, but works well in cacciatores or curries for protein. I do have pictures of some specific steps of this recipe but I will have to prepare them for flickr a bit later when I have some free time for photo editing. Also next time I will try cooking the chicken first than using the leftover bones and uneaten parts for a future soup. However this might be best if you have to free up freezer space and you have a big chicken hogging up space.


  • 12 Qt Stock pot
  • Ladle spoon
  • Large strainer bowl
  • Hand held strainer
  • Mixing spoon
  • Scissors
  • 10 qts with of plastic tubs for storage
  • Sandwich bags for bones
  • Trash bags for throwing out cooked vegetables (you might be able to save them but I haven’t experimented enough with them yet).
  • A container for the leftover meat for future cooking


  • Roasting chicken 4+ lbs
  • Soup vegetables package (carrots, turnip, radish, 4 piece celery (more than that make it taste too celery like), one leek, dill, cilantro and one onion)
  • Garlic Powder
  • Red pepper flakes *optional
  • Sea Salt
  • Ginger powder (root will work too, just more work)
  • Anise seeds (I also used star anise for a more Asian Taste)
  • Apple Cider Vinegar


  1. Prepare soup vegetables; peel carrots, peel turnips and radish and peel onion. Cut the four vegetables into 1″ pieces and throw into stock pot. Throw onion skin into trash bag since it will clog up your sink after awhile.
  2. Chop up leeks, celery and add to pot.
  3. Remove stems of cilantro and dill.  Add to pot
  4. Defrost chicken ( I used a microwave which ran about 30 minutes since it defrosts by pound). Make sure there are holes poked into the package and no metal on the tie band, which will have to be removed. Metal does tends to cause arcs of electricity to pop in the microwave which isn’t safe.
  5. Remove chicken, and dig into the hole of the chicken. This might be around the neck or butt. They tend to store packets of organs in plastic bags in them. You probably could use the organs, but you don’t want the plastic in the food.
  6. Add chicken to stock pot.
  7. Fill the pot up to about 1.5″ from the top of the pot with water. This allows room for boiling.
  8. Add 1 tablespoon of vinegar to leech out the minerals from the bones. The bones will be quite white when done.
  9. chsoup1

  10. Bring water to a boil  than reduce to simmer.
  11. Add spices to taste. I would go light on the red peppers and probably like 2 tablespoons of salt. Everything else is variable. Ginger I would cap at 1 tablespoon since it can be too powerful as it the soup gets stronger.
  12. Reduce temperature to simmer and add top to stock pot as will be shown. This allows for some air to escape while its still steaming from the boil.
  13. ch_soup_lidtrick

  14. Simmer for 13+ hours. You can adjust the lid after the steaming has stopped so it is flush in the pot. The longer it cooks the better.
  15. Once read to eat, remove the chicken into a pan. You could make a caccitore or curry now or save the chicken for later. Its probably best to remove the bones now since its easy to peel of the meat before there is sauce on it. The bones should be store in sandwich bags and frozen until needed. Meat should be refrigerated or eaten depending on need of the day. Cover the meat up with aluminum foil to prevent too much exposure to air and refrigerate.
  16. Ladel out soup into bowls for serving.
  17. After dinner remove vegetables from soup except a few carrots and onions. I use the strainer for this and with a ladel.
  18. I than ladel the soup into a handheld strainer into the tupperwear containers that I will freeze the soup in. This gives you a clear broth which is excellent by itself, but can be used as a stock as need for sauces and soups.
  19. Freeze most of the containers except for one to use during the week. That should be kept refrigerated.

One thought on “Basic Chicken Soup Slow Cooked

  1. Traditionally, American chicken soup was prepared using old hens too tough and stringy to be roasted or cooked for a short time. In modern times, these fowl are difficult to come by, and broiler chickens (young chickens suitable for broiling or roasting) are often used to make soup; soup hens or fowl are to be preferred when available.’

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