A shochet database?

I asked this question on paleohacks but it was deleted for some reason. I don’t think this would be illegal.

I don’t think there are any databases or networks of shochets. A shochet is the butcher who kill an animal with a one slice with a non nicked knife. There are quite a bit of other aspects to it, but there is no way of contacting them that I know of worldwide. Does anybody know how to make a database or network like this? Also how do you reach out and actually find them? This is for hiring purposes so this would only be joined voluntarily. Although it would be a form of passive advertisement in a way.

The benefits of this are its local, the animal doesn’t have travel and allows far more Jewish people, worldwide to access grass fed meat. There are databases for non kosher grass-fed meat farms though. It used to be very easy to find a local kosher butcher, and I think cows were grass-fed and pastured for quite a long time.


6 thoughts on “A shochet database?

  1. I can find kosher shochets,however most work for slaughterhouses,in which the consumer cant directly purchase product from. So what is the sense?

Any suggestions, comments or critiques?

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