Intermittent Fasting Problem

Intermittent Fasting is a pretty cool concept. Basically you fast for most of the day and eat during a short period of time usually 8 hours. If it works for you, you can often lose fat easily, train harder and gain better results from training. However for me I simply can not eat enough food during the 8 hour feeding window. When I under eat, my body slows down and I tend to sleep a lot. I also get pains in my back and neck muscles and have much lower energy. Recently I have been eating 3 meals a day but not IF fasting. Ideally if I could eat 3 meals during a feeding window I would be probably best off. However even eating 3 meals like normal, I am losing weight since I am taking in more calories. I assume I need a higher calorie intake since I still have some malfunctioning in my body. Also with the redundant colon it seems that I digest slower which may make it harder to eat a lot in small time frames. I am also losing weight and moving around more so it seems like its a wise course of action on my part with the added food. I think increased food seems to speed up metabolism. Its important to note that the worst thing I’m eating is a protein bar during someday  which has some artificial junk in it.  I’ve been rather busy lately so eating has taken a hit in quality at some points.


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