Pseudo Smoked Broiled Ribeye steak

The best way I know how to make a rib eye steak is to hickory smoke it on a bbq grill. An even better method is to use a long term smoker if the meat is thick enough. However since its in the 30’s generally this works well. I was thinking of calling this a Trader Joe’s steak since I used a lot of items from there, however there may be some copyright issues with using that name. I did use a Trader Joe’s steak which is glatt kosher yet not grass-fed.



  • Up to 3 ribeyes or more if you use a larger pan
  • Trader Joes’s South African Smoke
  • Vinegar (rice in this case, apple cider would work too)
  • Olive oil (use can use melted coconut oil if you can keep it warm for 20 minutes)
  • Trader Joe’s Smoked Sea Salt
  • Liquid smoke hickory flavor
  • Ground Nutmeg


  1. Mix all ingredients except for steaks in a small bowl. Its best to taste test the rub to make adjustments if needed.
  2. Line a pan with alluminum foil and lay down the 3 washed off steaks on the pan.
  3. Apply wet rub with brush to the top of the steak
  4. Broil steaks at 500*F for 10-12 minute for the top.
  5. Take out and flip the steaks.
  6. Apply the wet rub on the other side of the steak
  7. Broil steaks at 500*F for 10-12 minute for the bottom that is now the top side.
  8. Remove steaks and let sit for 5-10 minutes to let the steaks redden. The juices will redistribute  better and keep it juicy.
  9. Enjoy. If you need to reheat the steaks for some reason. I like to use about 5-10 minutes in an oven at 400*F

2 thoughts on “Pseudo Smoked Broiled Ribeye steak

  1. Have you come across any source for kosher pastured meat besides KOL? Is it possible to hire a shoshet for a cow or chicken share? How do you handle this issue? My husband and I have been eating primal for about a year now and we were thinking of eating kosher again but I can’t in good conscience go back to eating conventional meat. Any advice?


      This is the most promising one I have found so far. I’m actually going to a Hazon Tu-B-Shvat food festival as a volunteer where they will be serving the meat. I hope I can get a bite or too there. I am looking into shochets in the Philly region to send to a New York amish farm. Ideally the cattle will be slaughtered there and we can get at least half a cow. I have to figure out how to store all the meet too. I’d like to see a return to butchers and shochets so that you can get more specific parts of the cow rather than just ribeyes, shoulder roasts and briskets.

Any suggestions, comments or critiques?

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