Bouncing back from a fall

I fell off the bandwagon this week. Its not the first time I have indulged. Quite a bit of refined sugar, and even some cake in a red velvet cheesecake from Cheesecake Factory. The cheese part was better, and flour doesn’t have its appeal much anymore. Pretty bland compared to spicey food and well seasoned fresh cooked foods. I did have some flare up pains which might have been from over eating corn chips the day before traveling. I know not to eat them much, or have to seriously limit them. Hard to do when you combine salt with the corn, very addictive and easy to over calorie it as well. I think I know why corn isn’t paleo! But it can be hard NOT eating it at a Mexican restaurant.

These fall off days or weekend are to be expected on any diet or lifestyle, as its human nature to fail. Perfection really is a just a concept. A concept my ego has trouble with since I’m a perfectionist. A perfectionist isn’t really a good thing since it comprises efficiency for unrealistic standards. The trick is getting back into form fluidly if possibly. I plan on doing an intermittent fast, some more excessive walking (30+ minuetes), ending the fast sometime around 1 or 2 pm. That will be with a simple paleo meal like scrambled eggs and sardines.   I did walk a ton during the weekend so my indulging might not be that bad at all.

A downside of eating just a tiny bit of gluten is that it takes quite some time for it to leave the body. This could be a week two 2 weeks. Although cheesecakes and pies if I avoid the crust may be an occasional indulgence.


Any suggestions, comments or critiques?

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