Nutrition for thickening hair research

I have had thinning hair for year. My father is bald through the middle of his head, and most males on his side of the family are bald or close to it. My mother’s side tends to have full hair, but I seem to be heading in my father’s direction. Rogaine and Propecia are what’s advertised from pharmaceutical companies via doctors, and come with some nasty side effects. Like lack of sex drive and constipation.

Emu Oil
for me a slight hair density increase, but I tend to forget to use it and remove it from my hair. your supposed to leave it in for 20 minutes than wash it out, 3 times a day.

Saw Palmetto-
Has nasty side effects like weight gain and voice changes.

I just found out about this mineral.Dunno if it has side effects or drug interactions. The cheapest source of it in clay like substance called diatomaceous earth. 10 bucks or so for a 10 pound bag. You use about 1 -2 tablespoons in water daily. It also helps with joints, tissue, intensitnal health, and somehow planar fashitis.

Biotin- Don’t know much about it yet.

MSM- again need more info


One thought on “Nutrition for thickening hair research

  1. Who has experience the hair loss ?i am currently in norwood 1 phase, and i have taken some treatment and thx god my hair stop falling, Thanks for the author or your information you provided here, i will come back soon !

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