Fasting for feasts

One problem I read a lot about and have experienced is eating way too much food on a feast, such as Thanksgiving or Passover Seder. What helps me control how much I eat during these holidays is fasting or eating 2 meals a day. You want to start several days before the feast doing 2 meals a day to get your body used to eating this way. You under eat during the first meal and eat a lot during the second. This still results in a less calories eaten than 3 meals even if you pig out (yeah I know not kosher). When you get to the feast your stomach is used to eating less and tends to get filled on smaller portions. On the day of the feast eat as little as possible during the first meal to save up for the dinner. At the dinner eat as much as you can eat, although you might want to avoid some problem foods. These are foods that you know cause you to over eat, like nuts can do and sugary foods. For pies just eat the filling, since it tastes better anyway. Limit potatoe products unless sweet potatoes.


With this method you shouldn’t gain much weight if any. It can also work for nights you know when your going to drink a lot. Drinking is very high calories and is also high carb. You might also want to exercise too, heavy weights and tabata interval sprints.


3 thoughts on “Fasting for feasts

  1. I do quite agree with you on that. It is best not to go cold turkey! I usually eat less for days before starting a fasting period to enable my body to adjust to eating less gradually. The sad part though is that after fasting, I usually gain the weight back! Of course it is only water loss so it should be expected. 🙂 Weight loss is not the purpose of my fasting but it is usually a plus for me. 🙂 I’ll try to do it a bit smarter next time though to ensure longer-lasting weight loss results. 😀

    • If you gain more than 2 pounds in a few days, I can guarantee its either water weight, andor fecal weight. Those levels can change pretty drastically daily. Water weight also makes you look fat even your losing weight (indicated by very loose pants on your formerly tightest clothing. I’d like to have a body fat measuring device, so I can obsessively measure my fat changes. I like tracking numbers a lot.

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