Your computer screen could be keeping you up at night

I found this pretty cool program (f.lux) which automatically adjust the color temperature (how blue (cool) or red (warm) your screen is) based on the time of day. The screens tend to give off a bluish glow which is fine for the day. This is similar to the lighting you get outside during the day. However at nighttime the body thinks its still daylight from looking at this bluish screen. This program adjust the lighting to a more reddish tinge at night, which should help with falling asleep. Redder lighter is associated with the falling sun. This should make the body  think its night time and less energetic. Of course you can turn this off for awhile for color sensitive work like photo shop. Here is a kelvin scale to give you idea of the lighting colors. As you get redder its closer to night time.

f.lux software here.


First day update. Staring at a redder screen at first seems strange. Your eyes do adapt to it, but you grow steadily tired. If you have to work late you may have to disable or change the settings to keep from falling asleep. However for just web browsing and reading blogs its perfect. I fell asleep faster and woke up early. Your nowhere near as wired with the bluer screen. Although I did fall back asleep, but that’s due to not having to go to work. I like my 10 hours of sleep when I don’t have to be anywhere.


Any suggestions, comments or critiques?

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