Red Meat Myths.

I’ve been researching red meat myths that are frequently belched by vegans and others with who hate beef.

The most common so far are:

1. It causes cancer

Nope: N3 PUFA (Omega 3 in grass fed meat) are

cancer preventive and anti-inflammatory. 

2. It rots in your gut,

Nope but vegetables and fiber do (doesn’t mean vegetables are bad, just that they make you fart)

Does Meat rot in your gut?

3. Its not fully digested

Nope. Chuck Testa. Well actually the guy has a short intentine so his should be less digested than normal.

Can Humans Digest Meat?

4. Cow farming is bad for the environment.

This depends on how the cow is raised. If its raised on its native diet of grass and allowed to grow at its own speed, it won’t need antibiotics and hormones. The Omega3 level  in the fat will be similar to salmon so I hear.

N. Weston Prices Has a ton of info on beef myths here. Very well researched.

Its the Beef!?!

5. Confounding variables such as lifestyle makes the red meat is evil studies useless in their condemnation. However there is some pause for concern if the meat is overcooked.

disccusion on paleohacks which is enlightening


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