Wheat Grain Agglutinin (WGA)

Wheat may have even more nasties chemicals than gluten.


This article is from a Chiropractor website so I’m not sure how much stock to put into it. However I find it looks at least well researched. I don’t have the time to cross check the references though. This is mainly paraphrased though. The bolded parts are my commentary.

WGA is a chemical in bread which is a lectin. Its sadly found in higher concentrations in “whole wheat” and sprouted wheat. Lectins are found in grains, seeds, legumes, dairy and unfortunately in night shades (tomatoes and potato). Modern wheat (Triticum Aestivum or TA for short) is very complex DNA wise and may have 23,000 unique proteins, gluten is just one of them.  The gist of the sentence was that WGA can harm people via chronic inflammation (think Chrohns and Arthritsis)  and degenerative conditions without the being Celiac or gluten intolerant.

Lectins or glycoproteins can not be removed with fermenting, sprouting, cooking and digestion. They are also used as a powerful pesticide from GMO bread wheat plants. It looks like wheat may contain opiate like proteins which are highly addictive. This property has been suspected for thousands of years. Perhaps there is info in biblical sources about the narcotic like effects. Ricin a poison is a lectin as well which can kill you will 500 micrograms. Its possible but unlikely that the wheat WGA could cause blood clotting issues if inject directly.  How do they know this? This sounds like its from a mad science film. Paging Dr. West!

The rest of the article goes unto more issues of WGA. But I wanted to stick to the inflammatory part. I also got a headache as well reading it. Sort of like reading a college textbook.


Any suggestions, comments or critiques?

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