Health Care starts with you

A lot of people demand health care and others want to lower the cost  of it. What most people mean when they say health care is sick care and maintenance.  You currently pay for insurance to offset some of the extremely steep costs of check ups, antibiotics, prescriptions, surgeries, transplants, prosthetic sand more.  How can these costs be lowered without major social change? Managing your overall health.

1. 7 to 9 hours of sleep a day at a set time

2. Eating paleo, primal or even low carb.Avoid food based toxins and antinutrients.

3. Exercising intelligently and briefly.

4. Supplementing any deficiency in minerals with supplements. Ideally food based but sometimes its cheaper and easier to get the required amount from concentrated pills.

5. Avoid accidents. Don’t go looking to get into fights, or picking fights especially if you can’t win them. Don’t workout if you feel ill or too sore to do proper form.

6. Do you really need certain medications for health? Research them and the side effects and take note how they make you feel. Meds are a expensive continuing cost, so if you can try to keep the amount you take the minimum you will save a lot.

This should significantly reduce the amount of healthcare needed extra, and keep the amount of doctors you need to see low. My dentist are continually impressed by my teeth health, and I don’t brush any more than I did in the past. I got cavities with the same amount of brushing.  Just eat less sugar which helps with teeth health. Blood work is fantastic and if I maintain it, I probably will not get sick much in the future. Besides Chrohns related difficulties.


5 thoughts on “Health Care starts with you

    • I brush, daily. I fixed that mistake in the post. But I don’t need to brush 3 times and floss unless I’m trying to impress. Basically getting rid of breath from food (onions, fish, some meat). But the actual protection of the teeth is from eating far less refined sugar (try for zero if you can) and total overall sugar. The sugars feed bacteria on the teeth that dissolve enamel if I remember correctly. I also think the more balanced omega 3 to 6 ration from not eating a ton of vegetable oils helps with overall bone structure, which would help teeth as well. Some foods need to be brushed though like high vitamin C foods and if you indulge in chocolate. But the brushing really does not need toothpaste. African cultures often use sharped sticks of a certain type of tree to pick out the food. They have incredible looking teeth. They also aren’t eating hohos and other refined junk food.

Any suggestions, comments or critiques?

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