Sardines a superfood?

I have a feeling that most people are grossed out by sardines. Oily midget fish stuck in a can, room temperature. Often with tiny crunchy bones and head cut off. Take the time to chew the bones thoroughly to be on the safe side. Good source of calcium from that.  So they don’t smell good or look good. I think they taste great though, sort of like canned tuna, but healthier. You can eat as many as want per week since they don’t have the mercury issue that Tuna has. They are just too small to absorb much. Their omega 3’s is probably the highest per ounce , maybe even higher than salmon if you had a giant sardine. I think there are a lot more ways of preparing it than just eating it out of the can. There has got to be a way of making it appealing to most people, who generally like tilipia (not that great O3 wise, but good protein). They also are high protein as well, for their size. A can is uysally around 12 to 20 grams of protein.

The fish is also sustainable since it grows in huge quantities, I assume rather quickly. There isn’t much demand for them either in the States, so they are usually decently priced.


One thought on “Sardines a superfood?

  1. This is the first time I have seen a person advocate eating sardines on the web, except for myself 😛 I’m at college so a can plus some other food is my daily breakfast. The things really do taste great and are so easy to store. Have you tried getting other people to try to taste them? All my attempts have failed.

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