Why do I keep kosher and what is paleo?

I was born in a Conservadox family. I went to shul every Saturday morning, kept kosher although did eat out. I never mixed meat and milk, pork or shellfish. I also don’t eat fish that don’t have scales. Although from studying nutrition, breads and sauces often have milk products in them making them unkosher to combine, so I have been exposed when eating at restaurants. I even went to a Jewish elementary school and junior high. At around 18, my final year of high school I was diagnosed with Chrohns disease. This an ulceration of the ilium, which is the last part of the small intestines before the colon. According to conventional wisdom aka doctors and common knowledge there is no cure for it. The best you can hope for is remission and the worst is removal of the intestine. I don’t buy that at all. This a pretty recent disease that has exploded recently. I am pretty sure the modern diet has something to do with it. I will cover this in further posts.

The most impressive research I have come across for treating Chrohns is related to Paleo and Specific Carb Diets. I am phasing out all refined sugar. There is some traces in foods I eat but not enough to cause problems. There is also the complete removal of gluten, which is a wheat protein. This is found in beer, bread, some sauces, pasta, pastries, some seasonings, packaged foods and flour. Yes I don’t eat any bread or beer now. How I can live this way? You will find out. I also don’t eat beans, very little dairy, no vegetable oils and limit corn and rice. Ironically I eat a greater variety of foods that most people.


This is a great segway into my next article about challah and alternatives.


Any suggestions, comments or critiques?

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